Honey-sugar dough to decorate cakes

Submitted by enr on 12 Mar 2011
500-600 g of powdered sugar
50 g honey
5 g gelatin
30 ml water
Honey-sugar dough to decorate cakes
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Gelatin is soaked in water for about 10 minutes. Once softened add the honey and put it on the stove to warm, but not boiling. Sift powdered sugar in a deep bowl and slightly cooled gelatin mixture knead dough until a plasticine table. Wrap in plastic foil and behave in a closed bowl in cupboard in the refrigerator. This dough with this storage can last about 3-4 months, each time using the remainder wrapped well in plastic foil. * Can be painted in the desired color with liquid or powder paint as a the liquid will need to add a little powdered sugar, and when dry is added drop butter. * It is suitable for covering cakes and making different figures. Figurines made several days in advance to harden. * I just want to say that the weight of gelatin, honey and water must be respected with great accuracy, because with increasing even with 10 g of honey dough will need more powdered sugar.
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12 Mar 2011


Very good, except that it seems easy to prepare but you're a great stylist, me will I fear I do not know if I can deal with the body but with head okay, well done.

We'll try it soon.

Thank you girls! Andirope technique is very easy with regard to ben10 if they are interested only tell, but I saw them in shoes yu PBTs video recipe but quite a challenge. When there is reason everything is keen and love. Once I managed then and you can. Good luck to all and will wait for feedback from your creations.

will surely be probvam- and with obuvchitsite- are wonderful :)

When you work with the dough quickly dries you?

Bravo, Petya! Great cake!

Make me Smile with these beauties. Pepeleon, perfect execution. Applause!

Hello girls! Thank you all for the compliments. Irina dough dries according to change but can not say that very quickly in effect for several days (not minutes). ELTI, John thank you very much this cake I made for the daughter that on 16th August do 13se years. This is my first attempt bag and shoe box and I am very happy I have many remarks but you still learning. Thank you all from the heart. And I forgot to mention that the bag has a cake with strawberry stepche something new Philadelphia-Milka (chocolate cream I do not know whether and in Bulgaria it already has) t. wit cream cheese with Milka chocolate is amazing. A box of Shock cupcakes and cream of cream, pickled fruit. milk with berries. Incredible yummy! Forgive me for the long comment ...

Just to tell you that the cake is the rule only in the morning for two hours because it is the result. Filling classic tiramisu with the addition of gelatin to cream me behave (the rule is in a bowl to get crescent), and not with biscuits and a sponge cake. The cake is old lady today celebrated the glorious 90 years.

shoe I liked the most!

Thanks Nelly was not this daughter so it'd put more passion than others. And I am proud. Veeery wanted to get my shoe and I but I think next time might better be done I'm sure. With experience one can only improve.

I'm sorry that I will ask, but do not misunderstand me. I had in mind that it dries quickly while cutting and forming figures (because the dough with gelatin dries quickly), not when it is already formed?

Oh, forgive me Irina really so I've learned. Well not dry immediately have his time, but here depends on the climate. I'll only say that while it processed in the hands not dry after you leave after 15 minutes begins to dry but not yet hardened. So not that this recipe has risen am I, but for me personally, this dough is the best and decorations and to cover cakes. Mnoogo white is obtained especially if you use a dark honey. Quick to prepare, you can immediately begin working with it and is delicious especially if you add a favorite flavoring. Until now I have cooked at least 8-10 times and I have not had a single failure. If you try the recipe share will be glad to know if you like and how you received. Good luck!

Finally we agreed :) Recently I did a cake, but with gelatin fondant. Dough dries very quickly and had to work immediately. Next time I need to try this recipe! Thank you for your patience and quick answer;)

Compliments Galia, great cakes you've done, well done. All you have this test because well you are received.

Thanks for the recipe, Petya dough is quick, easy and very tasty.

Great finish work. Many white. Here's the cake.

Ive directly make me proud of you. Cakes are you strahotniiiiiiiiii ...

(Ivalina) i4eto3421, great bunch! Oh, and the wedding is very nice!

Thank you very very!

Congratulations from me Ivalina, very beautiful decorated hast created all of you here circle skillful hands

Ive, has become a wonderful cake! You have done great! Bravo!

I'm glad you like it. The dough is very nice, and well, my colors are brighter. Cake is a simple sponge cake with cream and bananas.

I miss to write a comment for bouquet cake Congratulations kumstvo. Nelly, I have not done all I bouquet. A part bought daisies and small flowers, the rest I did I rose leaves ...

Oh, they were beautiful And these shoes, well done Petya, my six!

Great photos.

Thank you girls. This time instead of copper put glucose and must admit that I see well in the sense that the figures for two (and that less than two) days my withered pretty well ...

Bravo! Very sweet! Pattern you make them?

I always do my fondant with glucose. Firmer and is very easy.

Many beauty you gathered in one place, well done! All figures are beautiful shoes and put them on directly, as are real. I admire people like you I am far away from these things and I can only enjoy them.

Thank you EMKA and from the beginning I was very slightly back but slightly with time things learn and receive as long as you have the desire and fantasy.Rally them to shoes rule cut taken from kuharka from there I learned very very things to do, and with regard to glucose honestly did not see any difference except that my withered figures faster.Thank you again and all the cake you can see in this recipe Carrot Cake (Carrot cake) . .....

exe well done - these are my favorite

Come on girls to show you what I came today as the cake, to the delight of detsataaa ...

Do not ask me about the recipe that will blush anymore. For I do not know what time I only do it with carrot cake, but here very very enjoyable. Really very impressive and delicious.

My first successful attempt to cover the cake with sugar paste - I am very pleased - work is quite easy with this type of fondant. Last night I'd got the dough and let it stand overnight, it seems to me, that became harder as the stay, the next day I started it boring, but it did not work - cracking is almost was refused, but did not have time to prepare another dough, so I decided to put him some water omesih it again and become elastic. Well, I did this time. I like to use this recipe again. Thank you, Petya!

Now reread the recipe more closely to figure out where I was wrong. I wrapped it in foil platnoprilepvashto, but I had not put in a box, if it is? Or sugar is come over? Or maybe both?

Hello, John. Good, I'm glad you decided to just try this recipe for coverage. Very nice cake but for a first attempt is directly unique. The problem with your dough is due exactly to the quantity p. sugar. Very well received as his add some water. Compliments and image is super!

Great cake, BRAVO. I love it. Great, great, great ...

Very good recipe - put glucose instead of honey, 1. L fat and little jem petal powder, because the first blossoms slowly tightens, while adding more powdered sugar, is broke.

Congratulations Marina super decoration done! Nice you decided to add a few more others. product item. wit risked and again you received the dough. I personally use it this dough to cover cakes and making flowers but 3e and cut with cookie cutter and making figurines such as animals, etc .. Because to make flowers such as roses, petunias, etc. you must Flower gum paste something. I personally have a recipe similar to say with the addition of the CMC and glycerin. These products provide elasticity of the dough and quick drying as well as the flattening of very thin which is important for making flowers. Anyway, bravo importantly, you achieved the required result.

Amazing things are crafted girls! Good for you! Congratulations much, much beauty!

Thanks for rating pepeleon. Doing such nice decorations that I'm flattered. You're right that flowers need so on. Gum paste - in its recipe includes not only your ingredients and ingredients that can be found in Bulgaria - as confectioners sugar or icing sugar - powdered sugar with release agent, gum Karaya / gum tragacanth / - which is some kind of natural gum. Jem petal powder is just SMS. Thanks for the recipe, using it as a base - with some additions rose blooms.

Here is one of our favorite characters. Placed my task to do and other friends :). Dough dries quickly and I have time to add his drops of water and it poomesvam to be plastic and be able to work.

Here's beauties. Bravo! Winnie is very successful. Cart stork and baby are great. In general, all are very successful and beautiful. Congratulations girls!

Oh, that's sweet this teddy bear ..

John, it is very beautiful teddy bear, bravo!

John is very sweet Winnie, as all your figures. Drying: even when kneading put 1 tsp glycerin. But now you can help, cover your hands with glycerin and mixtures well fountain. Glycerin is the pharmacy cents worth. Watch any of the natural fat.

Girls, thanks for the nice words! Rally your tips are always good and on time. Until now for making figures using the Fund of marshmallow candies because it dries so quickly, but is softer and slightly poslyagat (dip) figures.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I am happy that deliver joy with a simple recipe and everything you receive ... Very nice cakes have uploaded ...