Large meatball in housing

Submitted by enr on 12 Sep 2009
500 g seasoned mince
3 red onions
200 g mayonnaise
150 g cheese
1 tbsp parsley and dill
2-3 tbsp butter
3-4 tomatoes
Large meatball in housing
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Refractory pan is smeared with plenty of butter. Spread evenly minced meat in it. Top ranks line peeled tomatoes. Spread with mayonnaise and sprinkle dill and parsley. Ranks them on line onion rings, smeared with mayonnaise and sprinkle with dill and parsley. Dish bake 30-35 minutes at 200 C. Immediately before withdrawing from the oven sprinkle with grated cheese and bake another 5 minutes. Serve with a garnish of your choice.
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12 Sep 2009


Ehaa! Looks very tasty.

Fine, will try soon

Super! I love dishes with minced meat. Must try. Should not you be a little onion sauteed order not to leave crude / in the sense of not nibbling?

No, put onions raw, well baked and not remain raw. Red onion is softer than the white / yellow / onions.

I loved the dish. I guess that could be replaced with the same tomatoes from a can?

Maggie winter make this dish with tomatoes from a can, so I can.

With three words quickly, easily, tasty ... Super recipe. Eli Bravo!

Super MIGHT. Will try :)

sure will try. Super idea!

Eli, the dish is great. It is very tasty. Only that I the bottom of the pan put s sliced ​​potatoes / one line /. Bravo ...

Bravo, Ellie! Last night I had dinner with this tasty dishes! Melted in the mouth! Thank you!

very very tasty, last night I did and I

I just had dinner with this dish is great, very tasty!

super. very tasty became

tried it became supeeeeeeeeer

You just him out of the oven smells amazing. Onions instead of mayonnaise on it I poured cream became the top.

Lavish very tasty dish

At the moment bake. Just do not dare to put 200 g mayonnaise, put 1/2 box.

Many water released during baking. When you right? Do not use fresh tomatoes and tinned 3. Lest any of this?

At the moment, bake and wait to see what happens. Now smells very nice. I put 3 unpeeled tomatoes, mayonnaise 100-150 grams and now wait to add the cheese, which I put 2 and eggs.

If I did not work very well things. Apparently I had not fallen on good ground meat, and canned tomatoes put that released a lot of juice.

rating is excellent. Thanks for the delicious goztba. Last night we had dinner and lunch today from her. And let me water, but not much, just get perfect sauce. Required to Favorites.

And to me mince very contracted, although it is home. But the taste is deliciously!

can knead gently minced with 2c. l yogurt and 1h. l soda extinguished in him - minced meat will not shrink and will remain exactly the shape of the baking pan.

That mince shrank not a big problem, except not get all down for dinner. Rossi, thank you, so will try next time.

For nothing tonight I'll make this recipe will put sodichka, as I said then and I will say what happened, but I'm sure that you will not shrink :)

Not shrank minced meat with baking soda and milk :) If you try and you :) Great recipe, delicious meals amazing :) Well done

really tasty! I also put soda and milk, mince not shrunk. Thank you, Rosie!

It was very tasty.

was very good, but my onion nibble, yet about 40, 45 minutes it Peko, another putt slightly've zaduSha advance. 3a furniture pushed to bake whole potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil.

excellent get - tasty and fast

Mmmm currently Eat on yastie- very quickly and very tasty. Next time I will do a double dose because all poured the second that the third time :) In general, do not like mince, but this recipe is very spoluchliva- ingredients, spices, everything is balanced. Great camp. Thanks for the great recipe. I put milk + soda, as it says in komentarite- mince not move :) I recommend it! :)

Last night we had dinner again this delicious idea. But this time I put 1. 5 kg mince. Came to me and a large tomato and mayonnaise Younger. Use fresh onions. Still get great yummy :)

Again I made this yummy. This time, I allowed myself a small improvisation. First I put mashed potatoes not buy and from there on recipe. Became extremely taste. Application and photos. Thanks again for a great recipe.

Very tasty dish, I made small changes: missed mayonnaise, I used green onions and added a carrot and grated potato. The recipe is great and tolerate improvisation :)

A great recipe! Minced meat placed on a bed of potatoes and carrots cut into discs. I used green onions, and then I poured beaten eggs and milk in which shredded cheese. Thank you!