Salad Bonaparte

Submitted by enr on 21 Dec 2010
2 boiled potatoes (large)
500 g fresh mushrooms
2 onions
500 g carrots
500 g chicken fillet (boiled and seasoned, minced meat)
4 boiled eggs
300 g cheese
salt, pepper
Salad Bonaparte
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Mushrooms smothered in advance in butter with a little salt and pepper. Onion is chopped into small pieces and fry. Carrots grate and sauté in butter. In Plateau rank rows grate potatoes, mushrooms, mayonnaise, chicken, carrots and onions (confused together), mayonnaise, boiled eggs, cheese and mayonnaise on top again. Decorate optional.
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21 Dec 2010


must and will try, I love salads type of salty cakes!

Great combination of flavors. Great salad.

Unique salad get! 6+!

It is so delicious that I can not describe it with words! Is great! :)

what if everything mixed in one and not the rank of the same lines you will be the effect?

salad piecing exactly the effect, not the taste. That is. To answer your question: no, the effect will be the same, but the taste.

... Behold, I will do today. I also have over 2 kg smoked pork neck ... Today here is Dia de la madre / Mother's Day / So will *attack* ...! Greetings from Buenos Aires! Now put trotters, one of my favorite dishes ...

sounds pretty tasty, as will soon prepare it.

made her really very tasty. According to the taste comes from fried mushrooms, it is very important that ...Onions too, everything is in place ... Little daughter was lunchtime and loved it ...!

salad is great. Will definitely make her pak- impressive and very tasty! Thanks for the great recipe! :)

Favorite ... Start tonight, tomorrow is finishing ... Try ...!Greetings from Buenos Aires ...!

Again I made this salad / salt cake. This time I put the sauce mayonnaise 2 and 1 large sour smetana- definitely become more tasty and less greasy. Furthermore, I was ready meat smoked pork file- had just cut it kubcheta- so get in quickly. :)

Magnificent goes to Favorites