Spicy mushroom soup

Submitted by enr on 15 Jan 2009
350 g of fresh mushrooms
1 onion
1-2 carrots
2 tbsp rice
2 tomatoes
1 egg
4 tbsp yogurt
white or black pepper
sunflower oil or olive oil
lovage powder
Spicy mushroom soup
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Carrots, onions and mushrooms stumps of cut finely and sauté in oil until soft, then pour hot water and boil 20 minutes on low heat. Then sequentially hats of mushrooms cut into strips, rice, grated tomatoes, salt, vegetata, pepper, savory and lovage. Boil for approximately 25 more minutes and remove from heat. Thicken soup with egg and yoghurt. Optional served with grated cheese.
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15 Jan 2009


We love mushrooms with my husband at the expense of our children, and they do not look, but will do so supichka necessarily just me and him :)

Obedena'm sure you'll like it. In combination with chili is perfect. Enjoy your meal :)

Well done, I loved it! I sometimes thickenvam mushroom soup with egg, but at home prefer it clear.

Soup is great, will become regular dishes in our menu.

I also do not thickenvam, and I'm doing it with mixed mushrooms - porcini, chanterelle and of mushrooms. Finally, just sprinkle it with chopped parsley and dill.

soup can be passaged and be served with croutons.

with all you do BUILD egg or only yolk ...

I only put yolk, maybe two

Looks delicious will try today!

I hope you like it! To me is the favorite. Try it with domes and grated cheese :)

Soup is great, and the good thing is that it very quickly.

Supichkata is gorgeous. I added 2 potatoes, mushrooms that I was less than that specified in the recipe.

Great soup! Vegetata missed and added fries became suuuper! :-)

Just interjected as MIGHT, because they saw mentioned so far-I filled soup seasoned with lemon, kids gobbled it to me for a minute! Goes to Favorites! Thanks for the recipe! :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Today I did again this supichka, but I had vegeta and then swapped to *Maggie magical taste of chicken* and finally added parsley to BUILD, because again I had lovage and savory ... as a result the pot is empty again and tomorrow must again to cook ...

:) music to my ears

Come on, we're back today I tvojta supichka!

wonderful happened! I have never thickenvala mushroom soup, but this time I tried with 2 egg yolks and yogurt. We like! I added more dried Tarus / tarragon / and cut into pieces roasted on the stove dry hot pepper / seedless! /. I have no words! I have only one recommendation - mushrooms / stalks and caps / be put together at the beginning!

I have not tried with tarragon, but next time will be added. Glad you liked. Sonia exercise, that will bring me to the hospital :)

No problem, you know that fast learning! :)

Super soup which was performed only with mushrooms *Oyster* It was incredible. Only for oyster is necessary to boil a bit more:-(but worth your meal.

:) I have no doubt that it was worth it! Guess how aromatic was ...

Because I do not like rice soup, whether it will go well with noodles?

prepared the soup and get much better!

I'm glad you liked it!

Once again it cook - mmm very tasty!

The first time I made it as her liking. I am convinced that produce it in -well from me already :)

prepared the soup is very nice. I put tomato powder, but I had vegeta and went without her. I think that without it is nice.

Supichkata became very successful and nice. Liked and now will prepare regular basis.