Banitsa with zucchini

Submitted by enr on 26 May 2009
500 g fine sheet
1.5 kg zucchini
sunflower oil
400 g yogurt
4 eggs
feta cheese optional
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
Banitsa with zucchini
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Courgettes Peel and finely grate grater , sprinkle with salt and leave to drain. Peel into two, sprinkles them sunflower oil, and zucchini in anywhere and crumbled feta cheese, if desired, wound and lining up in a greased baking pan. Bake in a moderate oven. Mix the milk with soda and eggs with this mixture is poured unfinished banitsa and dozapicha.
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26 May 2009


I've done this pie. It is very tasty / put in zucchini and dill /. Thus do and potato pie. Congratulations on delicious recipe.

I missed to add anise, now I saw your comment Desi remembered! Thanks, now I'll add it! I begin to do now and then we get the pictures!

elim- her try the 6

This retseptichka something I escaped! In the season of courgettes will necessarily try, even though I only eat them such chudnotiyki! :)

Many successful and unusual (for me at least) pie - Try it 2 days ago, but I failed to write. Thank Vida recipe. Who liked courgettes not hesitate - get up quickly and most importantly very tasty.

I do make the filling with sugar, eggs, vanilla, cooked zucchini -namachkani, it is superb!

I love these unusual recipes, so certainly try the sweet version. Thanks, steffanell!

I do sweet pie with zucchini and it was interesting what flavor there will be cheese. It turned out very good. Only poizmenih recipe - mingled courgettes with eggs, cheese and yogurt 200g - it was filling without doing topping. And to do - worth!

Very seductive patties tidy tillia. Let him feel like eating a man like watching them. I want to ask every two sheets you put the filling? I do it in the coming days.

Thank you. Well, as is usually done in cheese pastry - sheet namaslyava is sheet namaslyava and distribute relevant stuffing.

accidentally stumbled upon the recipe and I was very surprised that pie can be made with zucchini :) The result is wonderful! Instead of yogurt used soda and put more eggs. It is also flooded at the beginning of cooking. It is very successful!

Ah, Rainier again tempt me! I go to prepare, shte surprise tonight children who are on a diet!

Thanks, annapeeva :) I suggest you saute zucchini after drain. So take all their water (and becomes more tasty :)

Reni, and follow this advice and is already in the oven!I love new ideas and when I go by the rules, norms and stereotypes. Moreover, Saturday is the day for *laboratory*, whatever happens everything is eaten! Well I mean !!! Until recently!

All liked it. It was a very gentle and mild taste. Baking pan is already washed!

I do sweet pastry, cooked mashed zucchini to add sugar, vanilla and 1 egg.

banichka is super, which was performed as described renito-slightly choked courgettes until poizpari their moisture, use cottage cheese instead of cheese before I poured baking soda and eggs. Is great, I'm sorry that I did not try it sooner.

Very tasty pie! I did not make it last year, today I remembered the recipe and gave it a try! :) I took the advice of Reni and zaparzhih courgettes in advance, in addition green onions finely chopped dill and many.

Wonderful pie!