Wicker pita - II type

Submitted by enr on 23 Feb 2013
500 ml milk
20 g fresh yeast
+1 1 egg yolk (spreads)
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp sunflower oil
about 1 kg of flour
Wicker pita - II type
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From those products dough (like hardness of earlobe) and leave to rise in a warm place. After rising, the dough divide 7 balls. Each ball divisible by 2 and 2 do wick. Put wicks cross and the 3 end knit braid. Turn snail and 4 th end of the tour snail shallow. So made 7 balls put in the pan: the first in the middle and the other in a circle around it. rise for about 1 hour (depending on ambient temperature), spread with whipped with a few drops of sunflower oil yolk, sprinkle with sunflower seeds, sesame or poppy seeds and bake. Put in a heated oven. The first 15 minutes of the heat 150C degrees for the next 30 minutes increase the degrees of 180C. Sprayed with water and turn to soften the crust. * Pictured dough not perform well tray and balls stay separate. If filled tray and merge individual balls is obtained pita with a complex weave. Balls may be 9 or 11. The arrangement is suitable for kozunak.
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23 Feb 2013


very nice and very easy cakes, bravo

Pepi, bread is fabulous! Looks so soft and fluffy :)

Petya, Reni, thanks! The cakes were really very soft, fluffy and thread. Exactly commented Vesko that lacks only the sweet taste and you might mistake them for kozunacheta! :)

Pepi, is great! Write what diameter baking pan is most appropriate and how fairly are long wicks? Congratulations! :)

Bobby baking pan in which the rules cake diameter 32 cm. A length of the wicks ... I'm not Mary to admit, but 30 cm above-something below my effort was fitilcheto have a thickness of not more than one finger.

Pepi, thanks! :)

Another interesting and effective way of shaping the cake! Iris, You have done great!

Thank you, Ina!

was very tasty cheese and put a little oil, a little confused interlacing, but nothing will happen next time