Yellow cream

Submitted by enr on 16 Dec 2007
1 liter of fresh milk
300 g sugar
4 eggs
150 g flour
Yellow cream
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Milk boil. Yolks separated from the whites. Yolks are broken. Add to flour and a bit of milk, which is already chilled. Stir to afford a slurry, which was mixed with boiling milk, which is a pre-complex sugars. Stir fire with a wooden paddle until boil, taking care not to burn. The court with the cream is removed from the fire, occasionally stirring. Add the beaten egg whites slightly confused. Cold cream flavored with vanilla.
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16 Dec 2007


I searched this recipe for years, as did not know his name, I remembered only the cream of his childhood. Which was performed two days ago, came 13 cups 150ml. Anyone who tries cream was fascinated! Thank you, Bubi!

It is really very nice ...

I know it as the cream *Vanilla* -but proteins break them with a piece of sugar

It seems very easy, but I'm sure and it is very tasty, will soon do it!

Very tasty cream. In the recipe that I prepare, half the sugar is caramelized and to it add other products. Finally add a knob of butter as walnut and beaten egg whites. Well, in this case is not *Yellow cream* but caramelised sugar that gives a pleasant aroma of caramel.

fluffy pudding this was one of my favorite desserts at school used to call it vanilla cream. Immediately begin to do

And I know as cream *Vanilla* is -strahoten!All love it.But I Beat the egg whites with 1/3 of sugar (so they are more hard)!;)))

my little cross cream was seedy, not Beat well the flour and milk, but next time will be better

Great pudding and very easy