Pork kebab in pots

Submitted by enr on 04 Feb 2014
500-600 g pork
3 onions
300 g mushrooms
1 tsp savory
50 ml red wine
salt and pepper
1/2 tsp red pepper optional
about 3 4 tbsp sunflower oil for frying
# For the puree:
600 g potatoes (5 large potatoes)
30 g butter
150 ml milk
4 eggs
100 g cheese
Pork kebab in pots
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First peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Boil them in salted water until tender. Cut the meat into cubes. In the heated sunflower oil (about 3-4 tbsp) fry meat. Stir periodically to not adhere to the court. When pozaparzhi meat, seasoning with salt, pepper and savory. Pour red wine. When evaporate the alcohol from the wine, add the onion, cut into crescents and mushrooms, cut into slices. Kebab cook until tender mushrooms and sauteed onions. Then we remove from the heat and add a little paprika for color, but may be omitted. Drain cooked potatoes. Mash mash. Add the butter, which in the heat of the potatoes will melt. Pour the heated milk. Stir well. distribute kebab in gyuvechetata. Top spread the puree by doing less well, in which tap an egg. Grate cheese on top. Put lids gyuvechetata and bake at 180C degrees for about 20 minutes, until melted and browned cheese. Do not include oven pre-heated because gyuvechetata will burst.
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04 Feb 2014


Great recipe. Much liked by all. Tasty and filling dinner out. Many thanks again will do these pots :)

I am very glad that you like the dish, Iliana! :)

I loved. I did it for lunch and get me. Quick and tasty.

Last night it prepared, all very like it. Very effective way of presenting kebab!

asmarg, Milenka, I am very glad that you have tried the recipe and were happy! :)

I put almost 2 hours. H. Pyureto- fresh milk that is 400 ml. - Far more than those 50 ml. Why is this difference?

It depends on how you put potatoes, maybe. And it also depends what you want to achieve consistency. Put as much milk to obtain fluffy mashed, but 400 ml seems very even and 1 kg boiled potatoes. :?

If it is the same amount of potatoes I'd given herself the difference of two things - first, the different potato varieties need different amounts of milk and, secondly, the personal preferences of fluffy puree are different.

I agree with the Navy, but I begin to wonder if I'm wrong numbers instead of 100 or 150 I wrote 50 ... 50 is really quite a small amount, is there a possibility recipe to be adjusted?

Potatoes quantity were 8-9, but small (if it is believed that 2 small potatoes = 1 big problem is not the amount). For sorta- not know. On puhkavostta- more milk becomes more flavor and texture is better (at least to me), otherwise it is a sticky and elastic as gum mixture :) Otherwise, the recipe is very tasty pots dobra- scary :)

Adjusted ratio of 150 ml, I think that quantity is enough. Of course, anyone can adjust to your liking how much to put in the recipe, as in the case is not fatal and will not spoil the taste, if you put more. If less, would be dry and concise after baking. In connection with the mashed potatoes as a side dish in private culinary book from 1960 was written for one serving: 280 g of potatoes, 70 g milk 15 g butter and salt. This only information I give is not about recipe. :)
Glad you liked gyuvechatata, Iliana! :)

Very tasty proposal.

I'm glad you liked the recipe Ivalina!

I put all products Mr. stew, except for puree and get too tasty

ceckavd, I'm glad you liked the recipe. :) Of course, you can make any changes to the recipe. The important thing is to get a delicious result. :) If someone does not have pots or another crock dish can be done in a normal baking pan.

Or in Jena saucepan look to avoid roux