Fluffy juicy banitsa

Submitted by enr on 20 Sep 2012
500 g filo pastry sheets
400 g yogurt
4 eggs
350-400 g feta cheese
1/2 cup sunflower oil
10 g baking powder
1 tsp salt
# For topping:
75 g butter
2 eggs
1 cup milk
Fluffy juicy banitsa
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In a bowl mix the filling products: yogurt, eggs, the feta cheese, the oil, baking powder and salt. In lightly greased tray in two sheets put the filling. Is arranged all banitsa, ends with sheet. Cut into squares and slices pour the melted butter. Beat the 2 eggs and glass of milk and the resulting mixture is poured all banitsa top. Bake in moderate oven (180-190 C) until ready. * The banitsa quite Plunk, possibly do it in a deep pan. Tray in which he I do is 30 cm in diameter and about 4 fingers deep.
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20 Sep 2012


In the stuffing you put flour, baking powder there?

No, no flour, baking powder is put directly into the mixture.

The picture is quite delicious and will try your recipe, but tell me how your baking pan is large in diameter or so-called u.

baking pan, which I'm doing it is 30 cm. Deep and about 4 fingers. During baking fills almost all - then dropped slightly. Do not turn on the bowls. Since I'm doing so - more than a year, home another pie do. I hope you like it :)

great camp! Very juicy :)

I am very glad that veni you liked :)

Banitsa became superb! Most delicious pie, which I've done before!

Thank nancy - I'm glad that you liked it :)

licking your fingers! So fluffy and delicious! Finished in no time :)

Thank you for the trust tanima - I'm glad that you liked it :)

Wonderful. I am very pleased.

In general I do not like very much pie, but after this I have already tried otherwise. It is very tasty and easy.

Thank you for your trust - I am glad that you liked it :)

already two times I'm doing and I can say that it has become one of my favorite recipes. Bravo for the idea.

Thanks for the recipe, very well received. Which was performed yesterday evening with ayryanche get super dinner. I like a juicy pies, just like this. Before I did not put in the stuffing raising agent, but I think that in the future will do so.

pie was very nice

This morning I made the pie and get a lot better. Except I do not rushed. Next time otherwise I would put the sheet.

I'm sorry that you do not received veli - I do not happened to not rise, the raising agent used?

Incredibly delicious pie! With a great aroma of butter and a high, and with a crispy crust and juicy filling inside-! Bravo! Super fast, very easy and very tasty pastry. Will do pak- promise! :)

-loving barely hit the 2 pieces to photograph :) Jump is a great pastry! :)

I am very happy Iliana that you liked, thank you for the trust :)

This is one of the most successful recipes! Becomes very delicious and always successful. I make it in several times and covering it :)

Wonderful pie! Plump and juicy, just as the name and. This is really one of the most successful recipes that I've done, but believe me they are not a few of my 64 years.

Thank allinaster and krasi confidence - I am very glad that you liked the recipe - you sweet :)

Banitsa became great! Me nenachudi man! Very good recipe! Thanks, di jar.

It was very tasty, but pretty greasy. The next time will reduce fat in half.

I have prepared a little out before. Became great.

Yes, a good recipe. Only I would add that I think intoned should start with stuffing. Also, when you put the peel should not be pressed, this prevents the pastry to rise.

Why start with stuffing - will stick to the bottom of the baking pan ?! Pressing on - I never said that peels are pressed - are lining their normal.

Very nice banichka! :)

I generally I'm doing so only surprised me topping it with fresh milk. Really became very fluffy, great recipe, bravo!

Now I did see what happens

Wonderful recipe!

It was a unique pie. My daughter made her own and was very proud of that. Her words were *Mom, now I will do the pie home. *And it is very very tasty.

upload photos. It quickly so devastated that he had no time to photograph it cut. :)

Thank you girls for nice words - I am very glad that you like pie :)

And I could not shoot, ate it in one go. It was a great pie! For more luxury and a little cheese rasnah between sheet;)

A successful recipe! Pie is delicious! Like us!

Once again - amazing pie!

Thank you for your trust - I am very glad that you like pastry :)

And I do the same pie, but never put further above eggs with milk, but only cut into small pieces of butter. Christmas I make her that way and I hope all of you enjoy it! Thanks for the recipe is never too late to learn something else!

I missed that rather than put baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda. Also becomes fluffy pie!

Now only one pie is done here. Tried and spinach ... is unique.

I'm very glad that the girls you like pie. Lubopitka would you share how you made with spinach - and I will try so :)

wash spinach and chopped uncooked and add it to the filling products. Some call love when they make pastry with spinach and cheese there. I personally do not put cheese in the filling and get very tasty. Can put a little salt to compensate for the salinity of the cheese.

Greetings from Iceland! Pie became super delicious, although here do not have Bulgarian products. I think this will be the pie that will do from here on. Thanks for the great recipe!

Super obtain

A great recipe! This is our pie! Delicious, juicy, plump!

For the first time prepare so delicious pie.

Recently prepare the pie in this way and I am very happy family twice now :) :) :) I recommend the recipe with two hands (instead of using baking powder, baking soda dissolved in CIS. Milk)!