Pork chops BBQ

Submitted by enr on 12 Feb 2009
pork chops
soy sauce
lemon juice
Pork chops BBQ
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Savory steaks are rubbed with salt, pepper and savory. Sprinkle with soy sauce and lemon juice and leave to be marinated for several hours. Bake on both sides of the heated BBQ or grill pan.
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12 Feb 2009


Super, a classic, well done Maggie!

Desi, thank you! Meat very nice took marinade and became great!

That's great wiped marinade. You'll never eat steak without ... :)

Thus any marinade meat and fish, thank you :)

I also do so steaks, Somoni that put m / onion slices in them.

I also marinate them, but add onions, which I finely grated grater. Become divine. :)

And with onions is delicious, thanks girls :)

I'll do them tomorrow, and will tell their lead, but look superb!

I rub them with crushed garlic, salt and pepper spill white wine and oil

Without savory, put everything, I added a little mayonnaise with garlic and the overnight were then very juicy, thank you Maggie.

For the first time used the savory meat. Became a wonder. Bravo!

Many options are offered, and all good!

Can I bake them in the oven?

may, but have no specific taste grilled. However to cover with foil and shall put some water in order to avoid sticking and will not become dry.

Well, eventually I gave up the oven. Thank you. Grill pan baked them. Were wonderful ... With my friend, he *oblizahme fingers.* Now the only way to do them. Thank you all for the great recipes. I do not have the opportunity to ask my mom or grandmother and almost everything is cook from the site. Thanks again ... :)

Tony, you did well! Home and I do them on a grill pan, because I grill. But go to the cottage bake them on the barbecue charcoal are great!

And I do the same marinade, but each steak lightly with mustard, its meat becomes very tender. Furthermore, add a few drops of wine and oil, and between steaks uttering onion slices, which once roasted steaks can also be baked and served as a side dish, taste is great, try it!

Milencha, thank you - I did not think of making grilled onions, so tasty!

I am glad that I have been useful!

very tasty and delicate work.

steaks are delicious, baked and grilled and pan-grilled and broiled :)

This marinade steaks are very tender and aromatic.

BRAVO the author. Great recipes and Starte - TA 2014!

If they beat the fat, or make great tasting, thank you all for the nice comments!

steaks were very tender and juicy! Were aromatic and delicious. The recipe is very hubava1