Caps burek oven

Submitted by enr on 19 Feb 2009
10 peppers
1 tomato
200 g feta cheese
1-2 tsp lemon juice
100 ml cream
1 egg
spices of your choice
flour batter
sunflower oil
100 ml water
Caps burek oven
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Peppers are roasted and peeled. Tomatoes cut into cubes and mix with the feta cheese, lemon juice, salt, parsley. This stuffing is stuffed peppers, rolled in flour (can also be fried before being put in the oven), then lining up in a baking dish greased with sunflower oil. Egg mix with the cream and water and pour pepper. Bake at moderate temperature, about 40 minutes.
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19 Feb 2009


Petya recipe mnoooogo I liked! I love roasted peppers, but do not like to fry ... as I like in the oven! Thanks for the easy recipe!

Petya, thank you for the great recipe! Incredibly delicious peppers, and cook quickly!

now 6f try it. Looks delicious!

Very tasty peppers received ... I forgot to put my tomatoes, I'm fried them in advance, but were wonderful ...

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Well done, great idea! Many obi4am 4ushki burek

The peppers were great! Thanks for the recipe!

For the first time I've peppers burek became really great :) I had cooking cream and put sour.

I do roasted peppers in a similar way, but instead of stuffing tomatoes put egg, then in bread crumbs Roll them and sprinkle them with cheese. I had not remembered to do their sauce with cream, thanks for the idea, the other time will eat them so.

I wanted to write tomatoes

And I put one egg in the stuffing. Tomatoes I had, I substituted tomato paste.