Waffles - basic dough

Submitted by enr on 24 Jan 2008
250 g butter or margarine
200 g sugar
5 eggs
500 g flour
2 vanilla
2 tsp baking powder
500 ml milk
Waffles - basic dough
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The butter or margarine stir until sugar graying. Add vanilla and eggs one by one, as the beating continues. Gradually add flour mingled with pre-baking. Finally add the milk. Stirring was continued for 2-3 minutes with a mixer or blender at high speed.
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24 Jan 2008


After baking waffles are served with maple syrup, honey or jam at will.

I got Waffle something but I did not receive gofretkite will try these

Well done very well become

I decided to prepare a mixture of the evening, not to loiter in the morning - I get very dense - so you should be?

made them - were great - only that I made them with rye flour and rum essence :)

Bravo, Sunny, I'm glad that you succeeded. In principle, the mixture becomes thick ... but you already know. Try and other recipes with apples ... etc. - And they are successful.

Bravo! Became very successful, coated with chocolate! Already in favorites.

Very good. Bravo. wonderful recipe.

with chocolate remains a classic in the genre. Are superb.

are great! thanks for the recipe

cool recipe

I Waffle quite some time, but had not gotten a good recipe for dough. Will try this and I can do it from evening to morning. Because I saw a large amount of my question is if not used all at once, how long and how to store the mixture then?

And another thing I forgot - melted butter you must be either soft at room temperature?

I have this mixture to keep it in the camera when I left. Then be used without problem. And gofretkite are really great!

Great are

Bravo waffles are very tasty

Thanks for the recipe. Gofretkite were wonderful. Next time will allay products in half. With me were received 20 Waffles with these products.

I always thought that the waffle dough is very complicated, and it does not easy and tasty :)

What I could not handle it got me wrong, but attribute it to his Waffle! I have not given up, however, repeat :)

Ideal and smell great oil :) well done!