Chocolate paste

Submitted by enr on 27 Mar 2009
200 ml milk
250 g sugar
90 g cocoa
125 g butter
4 eggs
80 g ground walnuts
120 g flour
10 g baking powder (1 packet)
1 vanilla
Chocolate paste
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Milk, sugar, chocolate and the butter boil. The mixture was divided into 2 parts - one is greater. Once cool majority is added to the beaten eggs, ground walnuts, vanilla, baking powder and flour. Mix well and pour into the pan, greased with butter and previously sprinkled with flour. Bake in a moderate oven. Once cool, pour the rest of the chocolate mixture. On top sprinkle with grated chocolate.
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27 Mar 2009


This is valshebshn dessert!

And I scrumptious seems to me, will try mandatory country are respected desserts chocolate-flavored, good recipe Gerry!

obozhazham chocolate will definitely try

This is a very elegant

Today it out. So quickly ate, and I could not take a picture. But there is a downside, is less caloric.

Bravo! In favorite is and will be tested compulsory.

Gerry, I do not how I saw him this chocolate miracle? Very very tempting! You can do it!

E-is-is-is, and I missed it .... will try it!

At the moment bake tasty looks scary! Bravo Gerry

This recipe is super! You have to try!

Get me super. Particularly suitable dessert Iza red wine and whiskey.

Gerry, how I have missed this delicious meals.

Truly magical dessert!

great cake my mother called him Fach.

received very well and very tasty, and very fast indeed be eaten. Bravo amazing recipe.

great cake! Today I did it. Children licking fingers :) Already in favorites.

and I naprazhih became great, tozha think is Fuchs, Fuchs zashtoto recipe is the same

becomes a great cake! Upload a photo.

This is my favorite cake! I did it again, but this time it sprinkled with coconut and striped and chocolate sticks. I put a photo. If someone is hesitant to try it, let us not hesitate! Cake is incredibly delicious! :)

How alone missed this magical chocolate temptation. E caloric cat is but I saw him I can not stand him tomorrow will be made. My husband and I will be pleased then chocolate miracle. Evaluation tomorrow.

I only want to add that as stand overnight in the refrigerator and it becomes even more delicious!

has just did it, and I sprinkled with coconut. Will leave it in the fridge for 5-6 hours, all night no one to wait on my now it goes. Kinda scary looks delicious. Blagodaryaza recipe.

How big baking pan? Image appears to be 26 cm.

baking pan in which I did it I was with diameter 26 cm.

Thanks, then I'll write about the outcome.

It looks very tasty. I'll do it.