False-tripe soup with chicken

Submitted by enr on 28 Feb 2010
300 g chicken fillet
300 ml milk
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp paprika
2-3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp salt
5 tbsp sunflower oil
False-tripe soup with chicken
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Chicken fillet cut into small pieces and stew in the oil, while the fat remains. Insert the red pepper, stir and withdraw from the heat, not overcooked. Add flour and pouring 700 ml boiling water, stirring continuously to the flour does not become lumpy. Pour the milk and return the pan on the stove. Once boiled, seasoned with salt and crushed garlic cloves. Allow to simmer for about 15 minutes.
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28 Feb 2010


Instead of oil put oil, now do not put evaluation as fast and will wait until later, when I offer my soup ... :)

I also do chicken and tripe soup but not fried chicken fillet and it brew this soup is really good for people who do not like tripe.

stealth put there any acid - vinegar, citric acid or lemon juice? Very intrigued me and I want to try. And my second question - can I use toasted flour?

Ina, I do not put any acid, because I do not like sour soups. But you can try. Only that they advise to add sour when the soup has cooled down to not cross. However, with fresh milk. I think there will be no problem to use toasted flour. Try and share! :)

great recipe-rules I have before, but had forgotten-thank

Everyone liked the broth, very quickly and easily prigitvya!

Fast and delicious. I fall in acidic soups and I made garlic vinegar. Goes to favorites. Put a picture.

milk warm or cold, a little not clear to me

No matter - I put cold, but it can also be warm.

I boiled mestse instead of fry it became a great chorbichka!

Amazing idea for soup, I do not like tripe because of the smell, but this supichka already my favorite. thank you very much

I have prepared it, and a lot of appeal to guests who love tripe soup. They said that they can not distinguish it with chicken. Very fast and easy to prepare. Unfortunately it is not my type of soup, even a chicken.

made her the third time. Becomes great, ate her wanted extra. I think it tastes better if you add chicken broth instead of salt and let simmer longer on low heat. In the recipe does not say, but do not forget to put on the table and traditional supplements - vinegar with crushed garlic and cayenne pepper, which wants to put on.

Great chorbichka. All liked it.

And my family liked very supichkata! I like the soup of tripe, but I do not like very tripe, so this soup is perfect for me! Serve it with vinegar and garlic and eat everything, did not stay for shooting! :)

Excellent proposal for supichka. Easy to prepare and very tasty. I do not like tripe, but this soup I liked a lot, and also my family. I boiled the meat and it was very tasty.

I did not like.

Amman by such guests as nuisances-,, chotrov ,, where to give their opinion without doing recipe! The soup is very tasty.

And home is like soup, very hurriedly ate with pitas / also a recipe from the site /. Certainly will do it again.

The broth is great!

great goodies! ! ! Has already become a favorite recipe of my family! :-)

Unique happened! Steady, thanks for the wonderful recipe :)

is a great recipe, prepare her very much and often in no way inferior to the original tripe soup. My daughter did not kusvashe like something, but as I do with chicken is first ordered the table. I have tried with fried and cooked with meat. Either way it delicious, but it is fried from paprika acquires a very pleasant aroma and taste. Must serve with crushed garlic, vinegar and crushed dried chillies.

Once again, I'm doing awesome delicious supichka.

The soup is great. Ideal replaces the original.

I want to cook the soup, but popitam- how many servings is that amount because it seems will have to double the amount? We are 4 adults and may not have enough, if so delicious, as you say: p

I've supichkata, very tasty. Out three large portions and more. :)

At last I made this soup. I doubled the dose that more water dobavih- became great. All liked it. I will do with it. Thanks for successful improvisation! :)

Wonderful soup! In no way inferior to the original, is even better option for summer. And I have prepared a double dose. But as we love it more dense, put plenty of flour and finally added more milk with an egg.

Surely the soup again will do, but in a double dose. I do not eat tripe-soup, but now ate with pleasure.

We'll try, but will built with yogurt! It seems to me more beautiful because of the milk sweet little me!

Mushrooms' Kladnitsa *and structurally resemble beef tripe and cut into cubes as paunch nobody home initially did not know that is not true tripe! They mushrooms and taste like tripe! Was very nice!

Very intrigued me the recipe and will try as soon as it gets chilly little ... Much love tripe soup, but I've never cooked ... so will first try this option with chicken! Hopefully get ...

Very nice chorbichka.

Well get, but I presented it to him with garlic vinegar. Next time I will try with crushed chillies.