Marshmallow candies (Marshmallows)

Submitted by enr on 08 Mar 2010
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 tbsp gelatin
1 vanilla
coconut or powdered sugar
Marshmallow candies (Marshmallows)
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Stand tray size 16h26 cm with baking paper, and edges leave 2-3 cm in more and better cover all the walls. Sugar and 2/3 cup hot water is stirred in a pot on medium heat for about 3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved and a clear syrup. With a fork stir the gelatin in 2/3 cup cold water was poured into the hot syrup. Allow to cook for 2-3 minutes until gelatin is dissolved and the mixture became clear. The mixture is poured into a cup and allowed to cool to room temperature (about 30 minutes). The mixture was then stirred with a mixer at high speed for about 6-10 minutes, - the mixture must be very thick. Add vanilla and stir for 1 minute more. Spread mixture in pan and littered smoothed top. Allow tightening at room temperature for about 1-2 hours. Then cut with a water knife into cubes. Rolled in coconut or caster sugar and leave for another hour to dry slightly. * Can be stored in a tightly sealed box to 1 week. * Coconut can put in the bag and add a few drops of paint pastry, then to stir the chips for staining. Candy cubes are placed one in the bag and shake to cover well with coconut.
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08 Mar 2010


Bravo, and these cubes can they be used for muddy Mississippi?

to may, but are very tasty and just like that :)

A paper should I be pasted before you pour the mixture?

No need to namaznyava, paper baking is such that it does not stick to things.

Very easy and successful recipe! I tried to make candy and here is the result. I played to color and paint mixture with pastry. One part rolled in coconut and the other part in powdered sugar.

What shapes used? This single dose Is? Are wonderful!

used ice baking pans. From inside them oiled Studies have this spoon carefully filled. When dry, easily taken out.

Yes one dose.I get a lot. Baking pans of me became more successful, and the baking pan of dough was softer and is almost impossible to be cut, but I used it for him cake *muddy Mississippi. '

Very interesting, my daughter liked them. Influenza veins as you are. And there are already colored coke dust.

No, nestavat as zhilibon are not transparent. Are soft, but it's difficult to liken texture - spongy, foam, something like that.

Thank you, I thought

great surprise I found them in a store and tomorrow I will do the muddy Mississippi!

2n gelatin 10 grams many there are? How is this tablespoon?

No, not much, I put 2 packets and had enough. 10 g is any packet.

Very good sweets you do, Stedi, bravo! And whether as purchased? Are they tough enough that it can be cut without baggy. Put a picture of Easter bunnies, which are prepared from such candy.

What did not work quite as bought, and I think that there is no way they are.However, in there bought stabilizers, preservatives etc!Definitely become softer, maybe you should be bigger or gelatin to reduce water. With baking pans turned out well, but the mixture in the pan is almost impossible to cut. I used it for the cake *muddy Mississippi* and via them with short hands!

Thanks for the quick response. So, if I want to do these bunnies have to buy candy :).

Here are my candy! Thank you, Paul, for the recipe. Stedi, thanks for the guidance! Definitely in ice baking pans and super comfortable!

Here's the version with colored coconut and Nesquik. I let them dry for almost three hours and cut them pretty easily :)

My children after them tried and suggested another application. The mixture of candy to put on a cookie. Any to sell, if you know.

Will rise with aluminum foil instead of paper.

I pour in the rest my mixture in two deeper dutifully plastered with oil and no problem! But definitely the next day candy are real!

Thanks, tonight I'm determined to make them

Go boldly! And wait for your results!

order forms used box of chocolate candy beautiful and peel off easily, so do not throw empty cans, also used small hortiini muffins.

opinion on. steffanell give me an idea ... to make in the empty forms of chocolate eggs to decorate ... colorful candy eggs for Easter :)

I used candy ready, of which I made dough, melted them and omesih with powdered sugar. This is another kind of recipe for fondant, which will look to publish soon.

Ehhh, that sweet zaychentsa! Congratulations, I can not get enough of them-are perfect!

sladki64e-perfect performance, not only beautiful, but also sweet and savory zaychentsa. Congratulations for the great idea!

Thanks! We brought them in kindergarten and their children very happy.

Great, sweet little bunnies. Bravo. Outstanding performance.

Very sweet bunnies!

hello at -setne and I dared and made the recipe a few hours despairing found the right way and here is the result in the pictures :) Just to give advice to those (inexperienced like me) who make it, to me appear problem because the mixture turned a small bowl and mixer for me, and as confusing mixer always after it is received off bottom clear syrup, top foam after 1-2ch torture decided to remove half the mixture and hop - candy is received, so now I have candy in 2 colors. Just to add that I put powder paint at the end of the stirring mixer

Wonderful candy rose! Thanks for the recipe :) I made them with milk instead of water.