Sugar ducks

Submitted by enr on 22 Jul 2011
2 eggs
1 kg of powdered sugar
400 g walnuts
pastry red paint
black pencil
Sugar ducks
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Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat egg whites to snow and add powdered sugar, mix well. Divide 70 small balls. These beads are formed in the shape of ducklings. Beaks are melting in red paint, put the walnuts for wings and tail shape with a fork. Leave to cool well and draw the eye pencil.
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22 Jul 2011


To cool or dry?

Bravo, Hattie! Are wonderful! Thank you for reminding me of this old and tested recipe! Try the recipe, you will not regret! Often make them like they were young children, especially for their birthdays. My ducks head is a little different - a little bead diameter coin 1 penny; beak - a piece of vermicelli or spaghetti, colored in red paint or beet juice or tap the previous day; her eyes - from chocolate!

Only now I see the photos and think of those ducks that and I ate in my childhood, but the recipe a lot of things I did not become clear.First, what happens to the egg yolks and Secondary irinchicata, rightly asked: *To cool or dry?* How not see anywhere wrote to bake.I.e. and I did not understand whether or bake only allowed to dry.

Valia, from the whites and powdered sugar, a little vanilla or other desired flavor and taste, elastic dough is kneaded / consistency of plasticine / Shaping sweet and allowed to dry one day. Yolks I use them for something else, or freeze them.

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