Rolls with jam Nelly

Submitted by enr on 14 Apr 2008
4 eggs
150 g sugar
150 g flour
# For the filling:
200 g jam or a thick jam
crushed walnuts
# For sprinkling:
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 vanilla
Rolls with jam Nelly
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The eggs with the sugar is broken down to graying. They fight about 20 minutes (when write over the dough figure 8, the reference to remain unchanged). Then pour the flour and stir with a wooden spoon carefully. The dough is poured into a rectangular pan, greased with sunflower oil and plenty floured. Bake in a preheated 220 C oven just 3-4 minutes. Immediately remove and turns wet cloth. Rolls up using a towel roll and leave it for 3-4 minutes. Develops, smeared with jam, sprinkle with walnuts and rolled back on a roll. Sprinkle with powdered sugar flavored with vanilla. Optional dough can be put and lemon peel.
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14 Apr 2008


It is very tasty! Bravo!

Thanks for the recipe. Was very nice cake. Unfortunately I did not nuts, but next time will surely put. Grated lemon rind and taste became unbelievable. Thanks for the recipe.

My favorite roll is super!

Looks great, but I always roll my decays. Will try in this manner hopefully happen.

is great and is very fast. Thank you.

How big baking pan? I ask because my oven is small and I want to know the amount.

I bake marshes in standard rectangular baking pan of oven RAHOVETS. But happens in a round, to fit in the oven. Galia can put fewer products - eg. reduce the eggs and sugar, flour. The important thing is to be well broken products and baked cake layer quickly in the hot oven.

:) I tried with the number 7 and still get well ... and now in the recipe. It is better when the yolks and whites are separated and individually to break with sugar. 1/3 of it is removed to the yolks and stirred to increase obema2-2, 5 times, then the proteins were initially beaten to a slower speed without glucose, and after stabilization of the foam, with the addition of sugar and increase the speed of the mixer . Then with mixing, and add flour. The rest of the recipe is well described.

roll became great, but instead of powdered sugar covered with jam and sprinkled with crushed walnuts (for lack of powdered sugar :)

Very good, superb roll.

roll bake 10-15 min. And not 3-4, because so nothing happens, is still raw

the oven to 250-280 degrees. As a nice warm-put the baking pan on the bottom dough and bake. I do so for many years and I happened to stay raw.

bravo to become super easy recipe roll!

Thanks for the recipe! It was amazing! I Paiute 10 minutes. Will upload photos shortly :)

Very nice pictures, Milena! Glad you liked it roll! Good appetite!

is great. Roll from my childhood

roll made by a beginner cook, I think it is not difficult. I think at least I got kind of things, and hope to taste good!

Very beautiful and appetizing look roll, SiMa! Congratulations! Not seen to be a beginner in cooking! Keep culinary experiments in the same spirit!

very nice great

Thank you for the great recipe! I did it yesterday; became quickly and easily appeal to the whole family!

Very good recipe superior roll.

I am very pleased with the recipe is a great get-roll. Thanks Nelly.

Thank you for the nice recipe :)

It is very tasty and very easy to make! :)

Nelly, thanks for the right recipe! This beat with 20 min. It has savings and maybe that's why I was getting tough bogs and rely on the cream. Yes, but not! now realized his mistake. Poluchimi is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

When it comes to roll, this is our roll :) Thanks for the recipe :)

long ago stands to favorites idnes it tidy superb thank you very much for the recipe

My oven is gas and there are 8 degrees, Peko dough in seventh grade for 4 min. And was raw, so I think 3-4 min. Are not enough. Next time it will bake more. I put his sweet grape and once you wind it spreads puddingta those who do not cook, but only beat with milk for 3 minutes (do not make, because I guess that is prohibited). Will get a photo after cutting it and it kusam.

roll became well, but I like it more when moist for the next time I will do so. I added a picture of mine. :)

ifta, roaring Do you mean?

My oven is fanless. Heat up in January in advance and have no problems with baking.

thanks for the recipe and both times became great

Aliana, I mean pudding of Dr. O ... er :)I hope you do not look silly, that thus describe the pudding, but do not know how else to explain it :)
PS This pudding very tasty, must try.

I know them creams without cooking, I meant it, write it like syrup. I can not imagine syrupy roll, and it will settle under its own weight. So thought you speaking of syrup, you mean roaring. Obviously not learned it does not matter.

beginner cook and I'm not aware of, but I always syrup juice compote (no matter what) and becomes very juicy and tasty.

Rally, I think given syrup as: syrup roll . Marshes syrup before wound.

Few or many marsh softens the wet cloth.

Well, it is just that - steam moisturizes marshes and gives form to the same principle, with the heat and humidity, wind and hair;)

roll is great. Once I did exactly the recipe, the second time I did it with chocolate, cream and bananas :)

will not stick swamps towel and only 4-5 minutes far will it be crude then inside

my oven is gas what to do in this case, bake just below

marsh gets pretty thin, so he needs a short baking time. Set 3-4 minutes are approximate, if not ready after them, let it bake until whatever time is necessary. As for the oven - I guess that would be appropriate in the same way as similar bake cakes / pastries.

Marche whether the oven works with gas or electricity is not a criterion for whether baked from above or below. I personally have not heard of an oven that can bake just below ... do not say no, but can not understand the logic why a manufacturer would have decided to make such an oven ... Are you spoiled? We have in the restaurant oven gas, it bakes with blowing. Are yours be? Pre-Heat huuuubavo January, even baked just below, it will still be very hot air throughout the oven. Put marshes to bake, but put it on the high bar, so that it is surrounded on all sides by heat. So should get. Good luck!

Rally, there is no mistake, my oven is also on gas (Indesit) and bake just below, no additional fan blowing. Polzavam her yet 5-6 years (maybe) and I have never had a problem with firing, except for the very beginning (while and get used). Dopalnitelko for browning the upper crust has electric heating element (such as a barbecue grill). Incidentally, I am curious what you share: baking gas blowing, the latter does not prevent you flame?

Orris, I have not thought about blowing and flame ... true that izlezhda illogical. I open the oven and my spirit in the face, whether it is cold or warmed up already. So is blowing, right? But it is important that Marcello was able to make the roll :) We are waiting for feedback :)

That oven is gas and bake just below does not make it :) stove heat from the flames spread throughout the interior and may have fan / s (Exhaust heat from the flame, not the spirit to it) to guide and spread more evenly warm air. There are gas stoves with additional wire and / or flame and the top plate. Generally, as with any stove - gas, electric or other - a matter of experience to know what how best to cook.

I do not know my little poizgori, last time I made a roll but another recipe and it was very nice that I do not know why I Zagora so

I tried the recipe and get wonderful. On baking, always pricking with a stick and dry out if it's ready (my oven and must currently stationed around 10min of 180º)

Very tasty roll get instead of powdered sugar covered with melted chocolate and a little coconut beauty :)

I am very glad that you liked the roll, Sweet Annie. I have not thought of it field with chocolate. Surely try. I love the smell of coconut.