Triangular banitsi with mayonnaise

Submitted by enr on 07 Feb 2010
500 g filo pastry sheets
5 eggs
250 g feta cheese
3 tbsp mayonnaise
3 tbsp sunflower oil
Triangular banitsi with mayonnaise
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For the filling mixture is prepared by mixing eggs (1 egg yolk separated for spreads), mayonnaise and the feta cheese. Pan banitsa dissolve. One banichka be used one wafer. Sheet folds of three long and smeared with 2-3 tablespoons of filling. After it is folded so as to obtain a triangle. The banitsi arrange in greased pan with sunflower oil, smeared with separated yolk (diluted with a little water) and bake in a preheated 180 C oven.
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07 Feb 2010


very attractive look patties.

Thank you, John, not only look attractive, and are very tasty. :)

I do not understand how it is folded sheet, but began to feel hope. I intend to do tonight.

John, I will try to explain it more readable. Once folded sheet of three lengthwise and bake with stuffing, from one end to catch the edge and fold right, then forward, then left again and so forth until it reaches the other end. I hope I managed to help Good luck!

Stella, thank you very much for the detailed explanation. Iaprobvah it on a sheet hrtiya first and get exactly, its super me explain, I do not so I could just explain it. Now roll up your sleeves and start :).

Very tasty! Stella, thanks for the recipe and explanations!

We'll try today, will probably like it.

looks great immediately to favorites.

Splendid patties! And I tried them with cheese - delicious!

I have something I could not grasp how to do them triangular, and many want to do them. I would be very grateful if someone makes them to make pictures and step by step.

I tried them, are super!

Zlatina, today will do them, will photograph each step and released photos. I already I understood how fold :)

Thank you very much, will look forward pictures.

Eeeeeeee now realized big thanks sladkishche

are amazing bravo

thank you, I'm glad that you like!

At last I made them, but I could not peel divided by one and made them two. Again became nice. Super are very quickly becoming.

I congratulate you for the good recipe, I made them yesterday patties, but the filling was my spinach and cheese, was very tasty. :)

Thank you, and I will have to try another stuffing next time! :)

Thanks for the recipe! Were very tasty, and quickly and easily become.

Wonderful patties, now the drought and smell great

In the stuffing added cheese and so did half sheet, then added and savory sausage. Banichka became unique!

Today I made them for breakfast. Are wonderful. Well done.

Thanks again! :)

I got very tasty, and kind of bring them!

This time I added olives, red pepper and asparagus and a shrink-wrapped as pocket. The idea took the picture on the box of the sheet.

Today I made them, my husband and child I loved! Next time I will put the stuffing of spinach, eggs and cheese. Thanks for the recipe!

I added spinach stuffing and mayonnaise changed with yogurt. Were great, but did not remain for photos :)

Ahhh what temptation .... It is worth to violate human diet :) Definitely will try :)

Great patties, cook quickly and are very very delicious!

Yesterday zkusihme these patties. I put a pack of 200 grams. Mayonnaise and 4 eggs, but I was a little cheese. Not that I have Mary on, but next time more. Otherwise were very tasty and interesting as formatted other than standard pieces of pie. Bravo for the recipe! :)

Recently do them very often. This time I put the stuffing and spinach were delicious.

I now only do so pie - even New Year's fortune. My son still wants pastry notes. Today it was and breakfast and dinner (without notes, however) :). Not put mayonnaise. Paint peels with oil before folding them.