Hugs water bath

Submitted by enr on 12 Nov 2011
5 egg whites - medium eggs
450 g granulated sugar
3 vanilla
Hugs water bath
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Prepare a tray in which the bake pad the top with kitchen paper. Cutter tulumbichki lock in the corner with tape healthy enough bag to accommodate all tseluvchena mixture. Two pots in one large and one smaller one to enter into another. And a clock to take the time. In a large saucepan pour water half and put on the stove to heat. In small saucepan put 5 whites and beat with a mixer on high for 1 minute, add the sugar 3 times, then vanilla and fight 1 minute more, place the pot in most, but the bottom to rest in the water. Beating another 15 minutes no matter which direction you rotate. If the water boils during this time turn off the heat. The mixture becomes thick - by turning the pan does not drop anything. If it remains non-fragmented tseluvchenata sugar mixture in baking melts. In the prepared bag and put the mixture spray onto paper, any shape and size you wish, you can sprinkle with walnuts. Turn the oven to 100C and put kisses to bake. About 1 hour are ready, push them with your finger to peel off when you started out liquid from the edges or (slaver) they are ready. Below are slightly beige, not very dry and be with cream inside. Bag with the syringe is washed, dried and used the next time. * On 1 egg white 90 g granulated sugar.
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12 Nov 2011


whites at room t * you are or no matter? I liked to imagine how the recipe and goes straight to favorites. My colleagues kisses them dried in the sterilizer, but it strikes me that they spilled and not visible squiggles of a syringe, perhaps mixing them was not thick enough.

small amount of sugar are obtained style layout, I'm pretty proteins disposal and many variations I did until I saw this way of doing, never foul. Proteins are the refrigerator cold. The mixture is very thick and difficult to extruded bag to be healthy, if small and charging 2-3 times does not work.

An interesting way to prepare kisses. And the supplementary explanations are extremely valuable. Will try.

kisses are some of the sweet, which I love, but never dared to do. After reading your recipe and detailed and clear explanation, I know that the next sweet to do would be kissing in this recipe.

Good luck, very easy, is hot with pudding quickly cum inside me!

Many beautiful kisses! Recipe grabbed me.

are brilliant - I do not know how to prepare pastry nothing but these explanations would dare to try, only one question - the figures with plastic syringe piston or Posh May said as other soft bag and tip. I have loads of gadgets but I do not me in them and so I ask as Neanderthal

Do not use Posh and others will ruin your kisses finding his cutter tolumbichka iron and make it as I described. In posha bag is small and start loading several times and failed all the dough belongs to them have figures but are very small. Baking pan I bought it from Bulgaria Imago.

cast off and a picture to see how it looks, I've fixed the baking pan with plaster, you bag is durable, so you can use it for quite some time, with pelvis bag drive year now.

thank you very much, today I'm going to metro to go shopping for Christmas figurines and thingy and will seeking cos-. His gorgeous - very many thanks

Didi you like slanchavo child warm and cordial comments, and enjoy each say something nice!

Kissing you are gorgeous - large, as is his right with sugar and killed droplets evident injection molding and pictures how to say - velikolepni- licked a few times. Already kissing will only use your recipe - thank you publish it.

Fleur exactly how I analyze, I really only egn my way forward Sym your real kiddo. I found my shapes and tomorrow morning will try - I hope I can do them. Many love it Mitro - chicken milk. Today will begin kissing was not my day as I had to ask you that you finomenalni with confectionery what forms to get. I decided that I buy something nice going home and sysedkata me happy that Sym took absolute junk - bad company pyk and metal - who know they should be silicone. Christmas my things do not happen for nothing. A good tone to - I love understanding, nice attitude between people warm word. I love harmony and smiles

Cross my fingers crossed for tomorrow to succeed, at least those forms to me a decent

Didi advice I can give you purchasing, I buy what I saw and what there is, choice of brands here will have a bitch brands Chinese and Turkish goods, which does not work for me give it away ... Good luck for tomorrow is very easy to verify!

I certainly could not cope with this challenge, but I'm an experienced housewife;) still brought things to finish. I had no form tolumbichki and that you use clearly proved small, very difficult because the mixture passed through it. I was angry, I took a spoon and paddle kiss her. Looks strange, but they are amazing!

Do not get angry and you are so beautiful, so it is with the small shapes are cakes, loading small bag mixture fails but you think to finish with a spoon, I do tree of order. mixture but wait to come my muse, desire ...

Here are my kisses. I kept everything strictly by recipe clockwork exactly as explained edinstvenno not figured sugar well May I put less-mixture does not become my very thick, as I read in the comments. I had the same iron cutter, but could not find her and benefits of this syringe-less, but does not affect anything. Very, very tasty! Now the only way to do them. Color your are incredibly beautiful.

In this recipe should be respected grams of sugar and syringe not least comes screwing Image shows that the sugar is less but it is doing very well and so!

I did kisses and were very nice. Become sufficiently numerous and very tasty. The recipe is successful and respected if one can not get. Tomorrow I will do them and will go and photos.

flowers are very beautiful! I still can not gather courage to try. (If you only knew how long watching them :) Very rarely I did not always kisses and I receive.

Many are easy, do not be afraid.

are Perfect! Flowers, many thanks for the great recipe!

Wow great photos as always, You have done very well.

These kisses me such a challenge - in principle could never do kisses, and by watching the pictures ... they are great - still does not gather courage to try them! steffanell look so amazing!

di_jar very easy.

I did kisses and ... were amazing! I put 2 egg whites and 180 g. powdered sugar sorry dear, but I was not sure of myself Thank you very much for the wonderful and exact recipe! And put pictures

Next time make them with fine sugar and see the big difference, have more faith in yourself.

I do not see on the paper baking pan, how bake them?

They became great! Sugar wineries outside, but this happens because it was very fine and there crashed nice, but nevertheless two baking pans made last night, today no one. Steffanell, thanks for shared recipe - a lot of time waiting in line but completely worth! This is our recipe for kisses already :)

Didi if sugar is a coarse feel when you eat properly but have become knocked out droplets are gorgeous.

Do it a second time and are always great. Very good recipe. Bravo

Girls made them very tasty. I can not understand why I just cracked. Purposes cracked, I had a feeling that will crumble ... Does anyone have any suggestions? Whether it is the fact that there was air in the cities posha?

I think that baking temperature is higher and cracked but still delicious.

received is crunchy on the outside and inside mekichki, very tasty :)

Anelia I am glad that you have received successfully.