Fried polenta with ham (bacon)

Submitted by enr on 24 Nov 2009
500 g cornmeal for polenta
2 cubes chicken broth or kostilya
200 g ham (pancetta, bacon)
1 tsp sage (sage)
5 tbsp grated feta cheese Parmesan
2 onions
100 ml olive oil
Fried polenta with ham (bacon)
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Polenta cooks in the broth of your choice. In 5-6 tbsp olive oil sauté onions, ham and sage. Hominy is mixed with onion mixture and finally add Parmesan. All pour into a buttered pan, smoothed and leave to cool. Remove after 1-2 hours and cut into slices and then rectangles, add some cornmeal and fry in heated oil.
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24 Nov 2009


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It was a very tasty polenta!

Super Reni so appetizing look that seduced me and I made them!

Very nice picture performance for the recipe!

If you do not batter dipped in egg?

I have panicked so: first flour, then egg and finally flour.

But I did the opposite - yaeytse, flour, egg - was very tasty! Great use of a dysfunctional polenta.

made hominy and put only cheese, no bacon and onion and Fried egg, flour, egg. Season with smetavomlechnomayonezen sauce with garlic. Home still licking fingers. Superb ...