Velvet marinating chicken, fish

Submitted by enr on 13 Mar 2012
1 tsp cornstarch
1 egg white
meat cut into chunks
Velvet marinating chicken, fish
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In bowl, beat the starch and egg white of an egg. Mouthfuls of meat are placed in and remain for about 15-30 minutes. The mixture should not be left in the refrigerator because it thickens. Before using chicken meat is removed from the marinade and dry - do not be put together to fry the mixture for marinating. Fry for 8 minutes in 1 tbsp sunflower oil, stirring constantly. This technique of marinating is used in Asian cuisine, to protect delicate meats such as chicken and fish. Light marinade of egg white and starch provides a protective layer when cooking meat does not dry out. Moreover, it gives a soft velvety texture.
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13 Mar 2012


interesting'll try it

This way of batter is very nice. There the site such recipe and I've tried.Панирани vegetables - Eli 1

emp ... sorry again duplicate recipe and allegedly sought before you publish it ... I have not tried with vegetables!

great way to batter, tomorrow I will let the pictures will explain in detail how I did that now I have guests, this is for fish and chicken meatballs other recipe is for vegetables think that should not be deleted recipe but the decision admins.

I do not want to put in 1tbs starch, for beautifully mingled 1tbs flour, sesame seeds, breadcrumbs and muesli. White chicken meat was cut into slices each piece taken from the marinade and dip in the batter mixture, tried and small meatballs but the best were dipping them in marinade and then in bread crumbs.

There is the really the same recipe, but is specified for vegetables ... Instead of changing the other and triem that for greater convenience in demand will leave both.

did a wonderful chicken nuggets