5-minute bread

Submitted by enr on 16 Sep 2010
15 g of fresh yeast or 3.5 g dry
1 cup lukewarm water
2 tbsp sunflower oil or olive oil
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 - 2 cups flour
1 full tbsp mix of seeds (poppy, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, flax)
5-minute bread
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If you use fresh yeast, dissolve it in water. If you use dry - mix with sifted flour. As water is added fat, salt and sugar. Gradually pour flour, stirring with a spoon until a very thick, sticky dough. It should be realized that it is difficult to stir with a spoon. shape or baking tray smeared with grease. Pour the dough, cover with a cloth and leave in a warm place to rise. Bake in preheated oven at 180 ° C, about 25 minutes. Thus can be done with various bread flour, seeds, nuts, and spices. This product is obtained bread about 500 * For recipes Yoli: White bread without kneading http://yoli-www.blogspot.com/2010/03/blog-post_20.html Useful and bread for 5 minutes http://yoli-www.blogspot.com/2010/03/5.html
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16 Sep 2010
http://yoli-www.blogspot.com/2010/03/blog-post_20.html and http://yoli-www.blogspot.com/2010/03/5.html


Is not the dough mixing pizza?

There is something, and many other tests. No egg is half dry yeast packet, there is little oil. It was very soft and tasty bread. Next time I'll do it with whole wheat, type or a mixture of different flours. Now I was just a test, although recipes Yoli never doubt! A combination of seed and many like me.

interesting recipe, you have to try!

I liked, I will try, but so far put in favorites :)

This time I increased the amount of yeast and flour, using a mixture of different flours - white, whole wheat, corn, oat bran and wheat germ. I'm glad I found these recipes Yoli. I think I'll switch to homemade bread instead finished that second day began plesenyasva.!

Very fast and nice recipe. I loved it. Stands more mekichko other types of bread. The name fits him much:-)

Elti, very glad that you like. I gave up store-bought bread. Gave the earth with whole wheat, rye, corn and flour type, mix them, add the seeds and prepare him home.

I will try, as it is for 5 minutes. Put in favorite :)

Excellent recipe. May i also will give up store-bought bread.

Just squeeze it to me bread remained mekichko and tasty and the next day. As often seems to be doing next time will try as tillia - with a mix of flour and seeds (now did it with white flour and put sesame and herbs). Thank you, tillia, a shared recipe.

I am very glad that you like. Because I do not eat a lot of bread, as it prepares to 3, 5-4 cups of flour, enough for me for the whole week. Only store it in a paper bag. And thanks are Yoli!

Today I did it again this quick and tasty bread. This time I put different seeds (sunflower, flax, sesame, poppy) - as tillia. Only gently prepekoh.

very soft and delicious bread! I do not put seeds. Thanks for the great recipe!

Immer, very tasty and soft look! I am glad that you and your likes. Of course it can be done without seeds. I do it every week in different versions with various additional ingredients -skoro I made with semolina, corn flour and whatnot. I keep it nice.

It is very tasty, but ends quickly; (Tomorrow I will do :)

After so good reviews and I will take it and do it with a lot of seeds.

And I do it several times. Combine different flours in different ratios. Great breads are obtained. I do not have seeds, but I can I get to try them. I can not decide which combination I like the most, all breads were received very tasty. I can only say that I have nothing to do with store-bought bread. Amazing recipe - quick and easy as well - successful. Especially those housewives like me who do not have a bakery. Next time I'll do and photos. Now greet Ina that we provide this recipe. Do not forget the author - Yoli - cheering for her.

I am very glad that this bread of Yoli appeals to more people. But you should consider that there is a difference when prepared with white flour and when prepared with a mix of flour. With white flour is fluffy and soft bread. In other flours, especially if there rye, is a hard and crusty and not so soft. Sometimes, depending on what meal prevails inside stands as slightly soggy. This is normal. A few days ago on TV how to recognize the true dietary bread. And it described exactly.

I regularly do. Today is cheese:-), so I will put a picture.

Elti, great idea! Can be done with cheese. Apparently there will be more experiments!

Ina absolutely agree with you that there is a big difference in the bread when it is made with white flour and mix with flour. The difference is both in type and in taste. My last experience (yesterday) with equal parts white and rye flour. In this way a heavy, dense bread (on me personally word *sad* I do not like) and slightly acidic (from rye flour). Put pictures. And ideas for adding cheese or cheese I loved. Will necessarily try. Ina says, *there will be more experiments.*

wonder bread

Well, I could not find another, more suitable expression than *slightly sad,* because of your picture seems that is a little soft. I just wanted to draw attention in the making with other flours, lest anyone think that something is wrong in making bread.

The last 2 times I divided the dough - the first time on 4 and I shaped oblong rolls; the second time divided into 8 parts and I shaped balls. Because the dough is very soft, then put it on a floured surface, with floured knife divided it and I shaped it accordingly are floured ratsi. / I do a double dose products /.

Today I made them in the form of muffins, mingled and flour. The result is as always great!

kuku_69, have great shapes. I liked the idea - will take.

Wow, Ivka, grabbed my eye with these wonderful! Very sweet and original! Well it is - fantasy is very important! Successive congratulations!

Very tasty bread, although 4f type is not very presentable. I did it in the bread machine. Will do it regularly. I do not Kuku bread, but it does.

Mary, this bread made with a mix of flour, can not become fluffy and soft as made from white flour. The important thing is that it is healthy and delicious. Tolerate any variations to the form and content. The last time I put crushed dried nettles and a little garlic flour. It was a wonderful taste!

I agree with you Ina, but I meant my 4f hleb4e not look nice.

I took the idea of ​​baking in molds for muffins:-)

Super quick breads - and tasty :)

I set out to beat the other asks, but it turned out that I was over the flour. Immediately I thought of this recipe and passed a plan *A* to plan *B* ... :))))) For me this time is slightly greater amount of flour. It was magnificent.

Elti, another greeting? Beautiful bread is received, the taste is not doubt!

I tried it with whole wheat flour. Again a great result.

Elti, we do not think you give up on bread, in all its varieties! Today I did as I turned half a cup semolina. Became slightly loose, but it was very good addition to the stew of meatballs.

And I have not given up on bread, and I try different options, but not photograph them because there is nothing to capture. Whenever bread becomes different and great. Heap I have all kinds of flour, and recently adding and seeds, I have not tried nettles or other zelenishi, but ... soon ...

Dari, you're right - every time is obtained varies depending on the ratio of flour and other ingredients. Well it is and good!

bread is uniquely delicious.

Yesterday I got home from work, it turned out that we have 2-3 slices of bread. H anikoy not he went to the store and I thought of this bread - became super mekichko and delicious! (Without seeds did not love them;)). Today, as I called my husband to buy bread as you get home - said No! Want of bread again :) And I did it again. To clarify that I never make bread (any). Many thanks for the recipe. All on this site are my inspiration in the kitchen! I have pictures. Next time I promise to have. However, this is my first bread! :)

Alisa, I'm glad your first bread was successful and enjoyed his recipe Yoli! And I will wait picture :)

Mekichko, air, great bread.

Ive very glad that you decided to try the recipe, and even more glad that you liked it!

very tasty bread

Borislava, I'm glad that you trust shared recipe :)

Here is my bread. Probably not a good picture, but bread is very, very nice. I did it with a cup of whole wheat flour and half a glass of white. And is mekichko. But if you have to mix some flour as you say you do not know what the ratio is.

Snow, bread evident that good! Often do not have a certain ratio of the amount of flour. The last time it prepared to 2 pm. H. White flour, 1 pm. H. And type 1 pm. H. Maize and were very pleased. Good luck!

Next time I will try with ur ratio. Thank you!

really tasty bread. I added spinach and semolina. Probvaite.

Mary, with the addition of the meal and I've done, I wrote in the comments, but your suggestion about something zelenichko much I like! :)