Baskets of fresh sheep cheese

Submitted by enr on 12 May 2012
500 g fresh sheep cheese
pepper (for decoration)
Baskets of fresh sheep cheese
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The sheep cheese cut into slices with a thickness of about 0.4 cm in diameter depending on the size of the basket, that will be done. Heat in a microwave oven for 25-30 seconds and while still warm was placed in shapes (for muffins, Tartalettes). Pressed tightly to their walls, and after cool down is removed and filled with chutney. Decorate with pepper.
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12 May 2012
the idea of ​​Maxim Behar - icing on the cake * *


Rennie, great look and bravo for shared recipe! Quick and original!

Pepi, Ina, thank you! My men do not like many sheep cheese, but it served so ate :)

Interesting idea. Original and beautifully served! I will try, but no microwave / my husband is against it /. You will become warm to the cheese usually grilche party?

What does fresh sheep cheese?

Aliana, fresh cheese made from cow's home or sheep's milk (not the store)! Technology for coagulation is the same as in ordinary cheese. The difference is that after separation of the whey in fresh no ripening. Salt slightly and allowed to stand pressed (to give it form) for one / two hours! It is then ready for consumption! In my humble opinion the fresh cheese is similar to mozzarella.

Exactly, fresh cheese similar to mozzarella. The difference is that after separation of the whey, mozzarella is not pressed, and the intersection was further bay 90C hot water. Put it on low heat and stir until it begins to snag and pull like Turkish delight, then shape the beads and returned to the whey that is seasoned with salt. May and halumito made a similar technology, but I'm not sure.

perunika correctly added * not * from store, because the purchased milk is pasteurized and not after he put the yeast into cheese.

didka72, in grilche party will not happen :). Will is hot. Is more likely to happen in a bowl over a water bath.

Mozzarella I have rules at home, it was very good, but is a great game! Thanks for the explanation. I assumed that what this is about, but still ask. Didka, I do think that with grill will happen at the lowest level as to protopli. I also make baskets of cheese, bake them. Try to put washers cheese directly on the cups and to put your so under the grill or in a heated oven. Heat the cheese will soften and will *izsuhvat* in the cup mold her.

Didka will make it warm and grill (small) may pan (it is important to warm the cheese). But I think we need to turn the cups upside down on it after warming to put cheese. Baskets I make them idea of ​​Behar (*The icing on the cake*).He warmed grated parmesan and pan after melted put it on the bottom of an inverted bowl. Rally, iris accurately explained what is fresh cheese. And I think it is similar to mozzarella. I do not know, however, what could happen to her (which I made with cheese baskets is homemade ie real sheep's milk).