Banitsi bites

Submitted by enr on 24 Jan 2009
500 g fine filo pastry sheets (1 package)
150 g feta cheese
120 g butter
4 eggs
Banitsi bites
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Curled peel bundled with a tight roll and with a sharp knife cut them about 2 cm bites (small circles). Arrange them next to each other in a greased with butter tray with cut up. Beat the eggs. Mix them with grated feta cheese. Melting the butter sprinkle with plenty of it each circle and finally pour the egg mixture and the feta cheese. Bake the banitsi redness.
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24 Jan 2009


It will try, put Bookmark

Many original recipe served on the classic pie :) I like as performance, bravo

this kind patties sounds easy hem, hem and fast. I will make them here in England. Thanks for the nice recipe ... mmm ... delicious

This pie I loved it and I do shtteya sheet as an mmm you and me

bravo for easy pie, next time I will do so.

How I missed this *lazy* pie .....Nelly Bravo !!!

Great recipe, good, soon I make them:-)

In a favorite! Weekends will try must! Thank you share it with us!

I have prepared them for breakfast and no longer. Great recipe!

well look, you will see a new obligatory

tomorrow will try, reviewers will have 100%

I forgot to ask, yogurt or milk not put you?

On this recipe does not put, but it's all a matter of taste ... can put 2-3 tablespoons yogurt or less fresh.

Yesterday I commented to a friend of mine this recipe. It turned out that it also makes it, however, cut the pieces directly from a big roll of phyllo dough - as rolled out from the pack, will try.

Super recipe. Easy and fast that way to me I do not give to receive pies. :)

pie became a complete failure

Very tasty pie out. Which was performed today, but with the difference that I put a little milk - about 1/2 cup.

Another idea: sprinkled with powdered sugar - wonderful *buns a la minute*. I was a little dry pastry.

Yesterday prepared in January and it was delicious, but a little suhichka think next time I'll put some yogurt.