Hanging wrinkled banitsa with sauce

Submitted by enr on 21 Nov 2010
400 g fine sheet
400 g feta cheese
200 g mayonnaise
4 eggs
400 g yogurt
2 tbsp flour
1 tsp salt
pinch of soda
Hanging wrinkled banitsa with sauce
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One by one, the sheet is crushed into a ball and lining up in a greased baking pan tightly with each other. Sprinkle top with crumbled feta cheese as slightly unsettling sheet pass the feta cheese and between them. Products topping stir nice (soda previously put in yogurt for a few minutes it rise) and pour them evenly the banitsa. Bake in preheated oven until ready. Once removed the banitsa, as in the tray still hot turns on 3 bowls. So stand until cooled down.
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21 Nov 2010


Should not the pan is dry and not crouch before the order of the sheet? The aim is not you stick and turning not to spill the pie?

made pastry! Became great recipe go to Favorites! Nelly, thanks!

mimsi, there is logic in your question. But I always paint baking pan, always turn the pastry to hang, and I never tipped. Usually use sunflower oil, on Friday I used margarine-the result was the same.

In his stick baking pie, not the lack of fat, but in a sauce that falls to the bottom.

The last time I made pie whose sauce is mayonnaise to tip the baking pan pie I poured, and I was not fawning baking pan with anything. Could not of mayonnaise, yet it has fat ... do not know?

pie is great and is prepared very quickly and the bottom baking pan does not spread with fat enough oily mayonnaise

Very nice pie. Not tried, let's try it because its worth it!

pie is really amazing! Thanks for the recipe. do her yet again and all adore her!

I am very glad that you liked, tomorrow will do for sponsors, and they really like it.

I read somewhere that the baking pan should not be of release. maybe that was the problem.

Every time I'm doing it in a simple baking pan and my stick.

Vanila is right, the effect becomes only plain baking pan pie must have pozahvanala bottom to be able to hang. Non-stick pans she just turned on buy but can not hang.

There is no such pie, I tell you - every time I'm doing it and will upload photos :) is magnificent. Today I allowed myself to add spinach.

Lovely, lovely picture! You received was great!

MMM, it is very tasty.Yesterday I made it and licking baking pan.Photo not stuck.My man you do not eat mayonnaise and I decided to do not tell him to comprehension.It potitah liked his answer was no, his mouth was full.I *very good* score.

in the pot, okay?

toto591959, if you have experience in baking pies in such a device? I've never baked.

I did not understand how it numbers turning ... please tell me a little, I do not imagine

Pour 3-4 cups or glasses arranged in a circle, roughly as much as the diameter of the pan. Pan in which the pie, turns and edge her put to brace the cups, the bottom of the baking pan is up. Pie, which is attached to the bottom, hangs in the air. If the pan is non-stick, pie slips and falls between the glasses :)))) This should not be happening. When the pie hanging in vazuha it *stretched* and becomes fluffy.

Rally, great explanation, thank you!

many thanks and will get you if you miss it? :)

You get of course :)