Biscuit balls

Submitted by enr on 23 Mar 2009
500 g biscuits
125 g butter
2 tbsp cocoa
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup ground nuts (walnuts, peanuts and other)
6-7 tbsp milk
Biscuit balls
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Cookies are crushed in a bowl. They pour nuts, sugar and cocoa. Mix everything nice. The butter was melted and added to the crackers. Then the milk gradually to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Formed into balls as walnut and rolled in chocolate bars, powdered sugar or ground walnuts. Allow a few hours in the fridge to firm.
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23 Mar 2009


Rossi this recipe remember her as a schoolgirl and her I prepared myself these balls are wonderful and I will do them. Bravo reminded me that

I like it! To favorites is!

I am glad that I am reminded of my childhood!

Sweet salami ... Biscuit balls also interesting performance only.

I've eaten as a sweet sausage, but it is delicious! Bravo!

Many are delicious and so appear, Rossi bravo!

Quick easy delicious! Bravo had forgotten them these recipes well be someone to remind us.

When I was little I loved to do, congratulations :)

Oh are super. Bravo! Very tasty, effective and quick to make. Are wonderful! Thanks for MIGHT.

I always liked them :)

love and sweet sausage and these beautiful marbles In favorites go

are simply divine, I added rum

Today I will try, look very tasty, thanks for the recipe :)

look fantastichnio! ... Easy and delicious!

Thanks for the recipe, I had forgotten about this type of candy bars ... :)

I will surely do them soon. Years ago I did like a little liqueur and chocolate. Thanks for the reminder;)

make great especially with almonds!

I dipped in chocolate candy, which made of 200 g dark chocolate, 40 grams of butter and a little liquid cream.

how candy out of this fix?

Many, hardly anyone will catch them count ...

They are very nice and the recipe is super :) I made them 45 units generally do not know how Iscar.

In addition to the biscuit dough, grated peel of one orange. The recipe is super! Rating 6

Pepi, very beautiful photos! The recipe is great!

Yes, and I like the pictures, colored sticks transmitted somehow living creatures of biscuit balls :) Well done.

Thanks for the comments, girls!

A great recipe!

I love these! Pictures of nela111 are great

viliya, gorgeous them done!

How much time can be saved if they remain *alive*?

I want to ask something about cookies ordinary gift of wheat or those in loose (tea biscuits). Oil should it be completely melted?

biscuits are *Breakfast* butter at room temperature

Thank you viliya, I have not done before, but these days will try :)

are wonderful!

renito, very nice picture! And the beads are really great!

Rennie, great picture, congratulations! I want to congratulate and perunika, nela111. Your photos and girls with chocolates are great! So you ordered them as if they were measuring the weight. Thanks for the recipe and rosicapopva. Goes to favorites.

mimsi, Bobby, thanks for the compliments :)

Girls, I did yesterday biscuit balls and we like. When I get so that I had biscuits 540g. Milk put 6-7 tablespoons, but it was nowhere. I brought them to 16-17 tablespoons to become just as it should. The recipe is super, it remains to favorites! Later will get and photos.

I tried the recipe, awesome received :)

Reni, very beautiful and delicious festive picture!

Thank you :) Home Villas much like this and decided to have our Christmas sweets (so I tried to decorate a festive) :) Merry Christmas!

Thanks Rennie, Happy Holidays to you and all the cheerful chefs :)

I can not stop doing them (and eat them) :)

I tried them and liked the course. Sons also helped and were very satisfied with their work ...

made them and were wonderful. Even on his birthday made them and they were great!

Fast, easy, delicious!

by order of the men home, desserts, biscuits balls. Instead I used tea biscuits with butter (Pobeda) remaining as a recipe. I think that tomorrow nothing will remain ... :) :) :)