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Submitted by enr on 01 Feb 2009
2 liters of milk
2 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar, or 250 g of yogurt
The milk is boiled and it is added lemon juice or yogurt. The milk curdles immediately. Whey should be clear and greenish. If not, bring to the boil again. Pour into a sieve or cloth and wash under running water to remove the acid. Squeezed off with the towel or allow to drain. * Fried done mostly in Afghanistan, but also in some regions of India and Pakistan. * 2 liter milk is obtained about 300 g feta cheese batter.
Very easy
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01 Feb 2009


Rally, when I was a child my grandmother crossed with sour milk, and later I started doing this number. Also when I cross the milk in cooking / only if domestic milk / I eat it percolate and with the pleasure, as fake or salt, or orange, maybe nothing.

Yes, that's right curd in Bulgarian? For Afghans it is the main cheese for us brined. world wide.

If you use PANEER for main course before you pinch it with weight impurities well by hand. And then leave it stuck for about two hours. So do not fall apart in further processing