Marinated eggplant

Submitted by enr on 21 Dec 2007
6 kg of eggplant
700 ml sunflower oil
700 ml vinegar on 6%
500 g sugar
200 g salt
3-4 cloves garlic
black pepper
Marinated eggplant
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Eggplant cut into thick discs about 1 cm and blanched in boiling marina - made from vinegar, the oil, sugar and salt for 4-5 minutes. Remove and arrange in jars, among others, put garlic cloves, peppercorns and chopped parsley and dill. Pour a cool marina, close with caps and sterilize 10 minutes.
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21 Dec 2007


I liked the recipe, even made a small dose - so much material I had. Them try to write again how to taste, not to open them more now.

And we do eggplant in this way and we like scary! Magi, I guarantee that you'll like. This year it tried my father-in-law, and he is very fickle and hard to accept new recipes, but said it was very tasty and my mother in low doses made six!

Only in our recipe no dill and parsley and garlic only, but otherwise everything else is the same, it is very important to observe the correct dose.

Girls, try the long eggplant-there white and violet. I cut across the pulleys that just come into the jars of chutney. Alternating them in color, not that is important, little toy, but it is spectacular, and the taste of these eggplants like me.

Now sterilize the jars! I changed the recipe a little-used 3 kg and 3 kg eggplant zucchini (using existing ... ). When the time came for tasting will express opinion about the taste!

Good for Orris! This is an idea ... how I did not remember. Great will happen and zucchini. I'll do.

magi71 when they will try eggplants mean how?

are great tasting, but I must admit I have not respected the proportions, because I had a few products. Rather marinade I worked on it in taste, but he probably mine! Thanks for the recipe Nelly!

I did a half dose and kept my exact recipe, today opened a jar to try how to taste, really good recipe, I liked, the next dose will fell less sugar.

I did it, and I remain to be tasted, can immediately or after a few days?

It's nice to sit for a few days to absorb the flavors ... but if you have patience ... bravely try. Enjoy your meal!

Stahotna recipe already ate 2 jar and we like. Everything is very balanced and tasty. Bravo goes to favorites.

Two years in a row, these pickled eggplants Pickled present in us. Many like them, served with yogurt! :)

I just put the jars to brew. I did the entire dose, because I had only 2 700 kg aubergines. I put parsley and 3 heads garlic, sugar and salt slowed, not like very salty home. I tried a piece and I think it will become srahotniya delicious meals. As boil the jars will shoot and show that now rush to make them forgot to photograph.

Yesterday I made eggplant, today opened a jar of great tomorrow I will do, thanks for the recipe

Tonight I plan to try the recipe, but I want to ask you white eggplants?

The first time I ate was not peeled, but in our family prefer it peeled and so I do. Either way is delicious.

Thanks for the quick response! And I think it peeled and even add carrots to half dose!

Marina springs and almost no remains, is also quite acidic and added 1 h. H. Water. Received is great!

Many are delicious. This year I decided to do. I make it in for the first time. And to me the marinade boil off and not stay and become salty. But because we like to eat them, smack it was only 10 jar.