As caramel cream, but without caramel

Submitted by enr on 02 Dec 2010
1 liter of fresh milk
8 eggs
1 tbsp liquid sweetener or 1 cup sugar
vanilla essence
As caramel cream, but without caramel
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With mixer whisk the eggs with the sweetener or sugar, add milk and essence. Stir well (with mixer). The resulting milky-egg-mixture is poured into a vessel with a diameter of approximately 20 cm. Bake in a water bath at low oven without boil water, respectively, and the cream until ready (be revealed as not shake).
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02 Dec 2010


Do not put grease on the bottom of the baking pan, right?

No, do not put fat.

Yesterday I did the pudding and became great ... Will now do so ... And who wants caramel can put an extra ... Thanks ...

meadows it with caramel topping!

steffanell, wonderful you received!

For guests was prepared, they ate 2 servings and I watched, and were happy to take home The rest dealt to not annoy me watching it. Thus, easily prepared and quickly wash the dishes! Excellent!

I shatter 3-4 min. Of hand. USE only 5 eggs 1 liter of milk. I've found the perfect bowl / deep bought from duraleks /. Pekka 150 * fan for 50-55 minutes.