Chicken Burrito

Submitted by enr on 16 Dec 2011
# For bean puree:
450 g beans
1/2 onion
2 tbsp sunflower oil
# For the guacamole:
2 ripe avocados
1 lemon
1 small onion
1 / 2 tbsp chili pepper
# For the tomato sauce:
3 tomatoes
1 chili pepper
1/2 red onion
1 small onion
1 tbsp olive oil (sunflower oil)
salt, pepper
juice 1/2 Lemon
# For the meat filling:
450 g chicken
150 g of tomato paste
150 g chopped onion in small pieces
150 g pepper bell peppers in small pieces
1/2 tbsp garlic in small pieces
salt and pepper
4 large buns tortiyas
Let's start from the puree: Clear beans. Boil it until soft well, but not falling apart and squeeze. Now put the onions and the oil in a pan and fry until golden. Then add the drained beans and use the press to mash while still cooking. You should get rough puree. Add water if it starts to dry too. Salt. For the guacamole: Cut the avocado, remove the stone and only scrape the flesh into a bowl. Squeeze the lemon inside. Chop the onion and koriandra in small pieces and add them. Sprinkle with salt and cayenne pepper. Pour everything into a blender. For the tomato sauce: Cut the tomatoes and remove the seeds. Cut them into small cubes. Chop onion in small pieces. Remove the seeds of the chilli and then chop finely. Do the same with coriander. Pour everything into a bowl and add the lemon juice, the oil salt and pepper. Mix well. Preparation of chicken: Cut the meat into medium-sized pieces and cook them in a pan with Teflon coating (do not use grease) on low heat. Add the onions, sweet bell peppers, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Stir well and simmer about 30 minutes. Once ready let it cool. Once cool, shred the meat with a fork. The buns tortiyas and bean paste should be warm (warm them), then add a few tablespoons of paste in the center of each pita, and already ragged chicken. Add a little of the tomato salsa and guacamole. Turn it well first of the two parties, then the other two. The idea is tortiyasa to fully cover everything we put in it.
Very difficult
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16 Dec 2011


I loved the recipe. Please for a clarification: To the chicken (in the pan) of tomato sauce you put tomatoes or just?

Oh ... of tomato sauce to be added ... Apologies! :)

is generally easy to prepare, but it requires more time! Please for photos, because I could not take pictures, eat very fast ... :)

Well it says apology ,, eat very fast ...