Chocolate fondant

Submitted by enr on 20 Apr 2012
9 g gelatin
140 ml cream
250 g glucose syrup
50 g palm oil soft
2 tsp glycerin
1/2 tsp salt
a few drops of aroma vinyl
900 g of powdered sugar
1 level tsp SMS
150 g dark, natural cocoa
Chocolate fondant
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Gelatin and salt put in the cream and allow the gelatin to thicken, about 5 minutes. Stir occasionally. From powdered sugar set aside 100 g, the other 800 g mixed with cocoa and CMC, stirred well. The separated sugar sprinkled on the desktop. In a suitable CF bowl put glucose syrup, flavor and palminat. Swollen gelatin mixture is placed in a small bowl and also in MB. Mixtures are heated in microwave at 180 watts for 5-6 minutes. Cream-gelatin mixture is stirred from time to time. If, after expiry of the time still has beads gelatin, heated for a further 2 minutes at 90 watts. The mixture must not boil. In the absence of MB or uncertainty in handling it, the gelatin mixture can be melted in a water bath, and glucose mixture to warm. When gelatin is melted, the two mixtures were mixed, stirred to mix them perfectly, and finally added glycerin. In the mixture of powdered sugar and cocoa are doing well and it is poured liquid. Stir with a dough mixer (spiral), to obtain a homogeneous mass. cocoa mixture is scraped from the bowl directly on powdered sugar on top. Hands smeared with palm oil and knead until complete takeover of sugar. fondant put into an oiled with palm oil bag, tied to no access to air and leave 24 hours in a refrigerator. Only then is ready for use, must be brought to room temperature and can be extended meat. fondant is more difficult to handle than a simple fondant and TSMTS gives elasticity and strength. If not used TSMTS, need great skill to cover, because it easily frayed. The cream gives this fondant taste of milk chocolate, but also makes it permanent. Must be stored in a refrigerator, and only 3-4 days. Or frozen to use. This fondant work harder, so it is good beginners first to experience normal fondant before proceeding to work with this here.
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20 Apr 2012
Monika Matzat


I personally do not own pictures of cakes with fondant this, because I've done it only once, and people who had ordered the cake, did not wish to give consent to photograph and publish. Working with fondant is difficult, you great insight and I personally prefer to paint the white fondant with brown paint. But this fund is simply delicious, so hard I decided to stir up again one dose and trenuram, train, train ... Deep whoever decided to try it. Monica matzah is my teacher of the course and I think is it the appreciative person in the whole of Germany. Her recipes have a gold value, and its creations are just perfect.

I gasped when I saw your cake! Is incredible! So this looks appetizing chocolate fondant (pity that I can never do such a thing) :)

Reni, thanks for the praise of my birthday cake. And with regard to skill - think of the talent that prove other things with a sense of aesthetics you have, surely you can handle (another is whether you shiver;))

Rally, your cake is more than perfect and idea and execution. Well done, congratulations!

Thank you, Willie :) Of course, I enjoy the compliments! But more importantly is that this fund is truly delicious. Fondant never eat, he was just sweet and nothing more. While this has its own flavor and complements well any chocolate recipe :) Maybe it is important to add that this time I put TSMTS and use honey instead of glucose. Sugar was my 1000

Hello! A long time looking for a nice recipe for fondant and I could find, but I notice that almost everywhere in recipes *CCC*, and here. Cakes or just fund that contains *CCC* are beautiful and your cake :). I would like and I can achieve something, but do not know where I can buy *CCC*? If you can help me I would be very grateful :).

Hello Gabriela :) Thank you for the nice dushmi. Glad you liked the cake. Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC Tse Tse Em, his MC, E466, cellulose gum) order in specialized online shops or buy a place in such a store here in Cologne, where I live. I know a lot of girls on the site working with fondant, so it is probably best to ask that question in the forum, perhaps mentioning the country in which you live. So could you recommend the online store and brand TSMTS:) I'm sure it is neither difficult nor expensive to get it :)