Delicious chocolate cake

Submitted by enr on 25 Aug 2007
200 g butter
200 g of chocolate with 70% cocoa sadarzhanie
200 g grated almonds
200 g sugar
4 eggs
vanilla powder 1
pinch of salt
1/2 packet of baking powder
2 tbsp flour
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Delicious chocolate cake
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Melt over low heat the butter with chocolate. All other products beat with mixer for a few minutes and add them to the molten mixture while stirring. Pour the mixture into a small round baking dish and bake 40 minutes at 160 C. After cooling the cake sprinkled with powdered sugar.
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25 Aug 2007


Very tasty cake! I do it a lot to my family! Thanks for the nice recipe!

Mmmm ... sounds very tasty. Will try ..

Today I did. Great cake!

It looks very tasty, I do it. I do not understand, however, raw you must have almonds? I took roasted!

In the cold oven put?

I'll try it, after such nice comments. Mmmmm!

I agree, looks wonderful and very tasty, but is not it 2 tablespoons flour!

Mmmmmmm became mnoooogo tasty, well done!

The oven is preheated. No, not least 2 tablespoons flour. It is tart o Choco & # 225 ;, with almonds. You can even put starch instead of flour.

I'll try that ikushava me just watching it. Thanks for retseptatata that share it with us!

It was really magical, I think today to do it again.

We really have something amazing to taste. Bravo to the original recipe!

Can I replace the almonds?

Semi + and is a big yummy! :)

makes perfect cake chocolate cake. Delicious cake.

Bearing in mind that Шоколадово Gatto - liquid chocolate cake already our favorite dessert, now with joy I found one that will necessarily try as cake cake. Then I will share photos and opinions.

Sladkishcheto was good, we like. Put a picture.

I did it with chocolate without sugar and get a slightly bitter taste, put a few drops of almond essence. Very aromatic and delicious cake.

This time I did it with walnuts. Tastes like walnut.

2c. l meal is not a bit of a baking pan as 20 cm in diameter

I also think it is very little flour, I hope we meet someone. The mixture does not remain there too thin?

In the lower comments written that it is a little flour. The recipe was tested with very good reviews, so there is no room for concern :)

Thank you, very soon the time will do :)