Juicy roast pork

Submitted by enr on 18 Dec 2010
1 kg pork
Ronen savory, salt
2-3 tbsp mustard
1 tsp soy sauce
1-2 tbsp paprika
Juicy roast pork
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The meat is cut into desired size is arranged on a tray and cover with water, sprinkle crumbled savory and a little salt. Bake until the water boil off half, during which time the meat may be paid once. Meat already posvilo, sbutva at one end of the tray and where is free and broth are added mustard, red pepper and soy sauce, stirring to blend with the whole broth. So in the resulting sauce is doizpicha meat, paying at least once, nice to be soaked with spices and take them to fat. Seasoned broth when boil off, thickens and sticks to the meat and then it is ready. * Prevent the salt, because soy sauce is savory.
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18 Dec 2010


Nelly, very interesting recipe! Will surely try. Goes to favorites.

great looks mestse! Will try!

Nelly, your recipes are innovative, very interesting and very tasty. I put in favorites and will try.

Very appetizing look the picture!

To tell you not only looks, but tasty, separately is that is easy-pregotvya not require culinary skills, it only becomes his.

And I like the homemade mestse. fast, easy and very tasty!

Excellent recipe!

Vkusotiyayayayaya! And I add the pictures!

How long approximately cook dish?

In about an hour, depends on the thickness and meat.

savory spoils the taste seems to me ...

Spices are based on the preferences TASTE NO FRIEND :)

Oh, in any case not to spoil the savory taste. On the contrary - are very good combination. Try, bastet. Another question is, if you do not like as savory spice.

It looks very appetizing, today will try and go to favorites :)

I do not see potatoes in the recipe as the pictures

Well, it is not the image of the author of the recipe. One Nelly published recipe, the other as it is cooked and add potatoes.

recipe is super. I think the savory nothing can spoil, but it is my opinion :)

It is really interesting recipe worth trying! Looks and is certainly tasty. A savory, not her fan - to try white oregano - it is softer. I personally chubrichkata my very vktusna. Thank you Nelly!

I added onions and was very tasty. also put all the spices with the onions in sliced ​​meat and confused before you put it in the baking pan became tasty and the meat-very fragile

Very easy recipe! Thanks Nelly! I also added onion, fresh potatoes and seasoning for grilled-smells great! Add to favorites and expect to doizpeche if you do not forget and will put pictures!

recipe is great. Last night, for making it for dinner and all licked his fingers. Immediately goes to favorites.

Many successful recipe. Was very tasty and really juicy. Something to me difficult to obtain when roast meat in the oven without prior stood with marinade. Will definitely do often!

So who made soup from photo 7 if women want to be married 20 alone from Dobrich if merakliyki who can cook better to write but not greater than 30 :)