Cookies almond pine

Submitted by enr on 18 Dec 2009
150 g of raw marzipan
100 g of powdered sugar
60 g liquid glucose
2-3 drops of almond extract
green paint confectionery
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Cookies almond pine
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Marzipan is broken into pieces. Add half the icing sugar mixture and rub between your fingers until crumbs. Add remaining sugar and the mixture is again loosened. Pour glucose and almond essence. Blended into a soft and smooth dough. If necessary, add a little powdered sugar. The dough is painted green with confectionery paint. Since it make balls as walnut. Marbles form of cones. Using small scissors or tweezers to fish on the surface of the cones of all countries and the entire length incisions to liken protruding branches of the pine tree. Ready pines are sprinkled with powdered sugar.
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18 Dec 2009
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What is raw marzipan. Please write. I really like these pines and I want to do for the Christmas cake.

There is a much easier way -> steamed testo-> mix with powdered sugar formed into various figures and the dough becomes soft as plasticine, then allowed to dry and also eat less firm and are very tasty, they overyavam this :)

I'm rules sweet marzipan. In Germany, much used, but personally I do not like the taste. The site from where I took the recipe specifies that used ready raw marzipan, which is sold in Metro, packs of 200 grams. I hope I've been helpful :). PassionFlower offered another option - steamed dough - maybe I would appeal more to taste, will try.

Thank you very much, my birthday cake will have a pine :)

very beautiful pine