Savory sponge cake without cheese

Submitted by enr on 03 Aug 2008
3 eggs
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
2 1/2 - 3 cups flour
1 tbsp salt
Savory sponge cake without cheese
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To beaten eggs add the oil, yogurt with soda dissolved in it, salt and flour and is prepared by mixing cake batter. Pour into greased and floured form. Bake in a moderate oven.
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03 Aug 2008


cake was very, very tasty! Easy, fast and very successful recipe! Bravo!

Bravo Ina great hope and look inside is nice Unable oil

Vsepak how long bake apologize that you write again Ina

tillia what is the filling inside. Not EXPRESS thank you.

Blaga, this cake has no filling. Just salt instead of sugar there. So says salty cake. If you want you can put whatever you want / salty / ...

desislava76 Thank you very much. I see that in the photo inside the meat.

This is a quick and easy cake. Can be made with other fat - butter, margarine or lard. But in this case I recommend fat is slightly softened, eggs / room temperature / to separate the yolks and whites. Add the egg yolks one by one, then the other products and finally, beaten egg whites./ Otherwise mixture can cross /. In the original recipe no filler. But any housewife can improvise as wonderfully made BABY! I, for example, sometimes put in the mixture finely chopped raw salt bush and becomes delicious spring *green salt cake. '

I forgot to answer on the baking time - depends on the oven. I seal of 180 degrees in preheated oven about 45 minutes / in the oven on a gas stove. In the other, my electricity is faster /. And somewhere else wrote, but not open the oven about 30 minutes and then try whether it is roasted with a wooden skewer or stick. Furthermore, if filling inside, you'll need a little more time than baking original recipe for the cake.

It's great and I put zeleninki / parsley, dill / and became great

Extra is the cake I did it with a little grated cheese and spices and was very pleased.

I'm glad you liked the cake. There is an option for many improvisations.

In the cake, which is in this picture, I added the nettle and is the type of flour. I've written it in comments to the image. Can put spinach or salt bush.

I just took it out of the oven. Very very tasty! As spice it put only savory and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Dilyana, made it his own. I am very glad that you experimented with the recipe and you liked! :)

I distributed in mono muffins and received wonderful mekichki, fluffy, golden mafincheta. Thanks a lot for the recipe :) Very convenient to prepare instead of bread - without kneading. I put everything in a bowl (soda stirred yogurt) without flour mix to the flour and then added that to obtain cake mixes was below 2 cups.

Nevi, great idea! Are very nice and taste I know :) I am glad that you met this recipe in their own way! :)

Ina, doing cake with whole wheat flour, you put the same amount? Moreover, how he put salt bush as green? I think to do with spinach.

cake was very good. Turpenie I had to try it! Prigotvoh it with a little more than 2. 5 hours. H. Palnozurnesto flour, put him 1. L. Savory, about 1 hour. h. greenery (English says coold, but could not translate it in Bulgarian) and, of course, the cake without cheese put about 150g of cheese. We will do it again with another filling, and white flour.

Gerry, while waiting to answer you, you've done that and tried! :) Because flour is different in the beginning put less, say 2 pm. H. And gradually add while I get the density of the cake batter. If there are supplements such as green, it is also important. I have no recollection how much green I put, put *eye*. :)

Thanks, Ina! To me it seemed that the dough was very thick (do not have much experience with cakes), but the end result is excellent!

Ina, the second time I did it with spinach, herbs and cheese and all liked it a lot. Another said that even if I want to buy you again to prepare such a salty cake, jam do not want. Today we do it with dried tomatoes, olives, cheese and rosemary and will share the results.

cake became great with cheese, dried tomatoes, olives and oregano (not found rosemary). I think only this salty cake will do from now on. The recipe is great!

Gerry, I'm glad that use the recipe as a base and diversify the cake! I do it when I hand cheese, letting us eat something quickly and pretzels! :)

Ina, my friend loves cheese and always look to have on hand. For bakeries as cheese to put always says that he may.