Egg roll with minced meat

Submitted by enr on 12 Feb 2009
# For the base:
5 eggs
250 g mayonnaise
350 cheese
# For the filling:
500 g minced meat
1 onion
1 egg
Egg roll with minced meat
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Grated cheese mixed with mayonnaise and eggs. Pour mixture onto baking paper in a baking dish. Bake at 200 C for 20 minutes, then let the base to cool. Mix the minced meat with onion and spices, spread on the base, rolled up and ready to bake.
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12 Feb 2009


Do not burn marshes, while baked a second time?

is very nice this roll, not Zagora marshes, mince happened very quickly. I thought if it begins to burning of him put foil on top, but not necessary and it was perfect. So Aliana try it.

I have tried something similar, but the egg was added finely chopped broccoli. The taste was incredible! For me a great recipe, put Bookmark

Should not you be fried minced meat?

And I liked the recipe, well received. I uploaded photos waiting for approval. Prevent burning and it really quickly. I tried one more piece of the 20th minute, it was raw and very juicy.

Very well, I get his. Thanks for the nice recipe!

in the ceiling of the oven you can bake Egg crust or big?

I did it in such a baking pan and came over me. I guess baking pans are standard size for all brands.

My assessment is *excellent*. Happened very quickly and very tasty. Too bad I was not able to photograph him, but sliced ​​and eaten immediately :)

It was a great roll. At home like it a lot! Thanks for the nice recipe from me!

Tasty get, but to me personally came tezhichko (minced meat mixture I was 50: 50 pork, beef - and this may be). The first time it took and the middle was raw, so I had to repeat baking.

As soon as my husband liked it's super. Thanks for the recipe.

It was great! Yet to ask-whether marshes will get free mayonnaise-how do you think? Still tezhichko!

Yes, you will get will be omelet. Simply increase the eggs and cheese to make you the same volume as with mayonnaise :)

A great meal quickly and easily. Words are unnecessary, already a favorite.

-loving, that interesting :) Thanks for retseptichkata will test it soon, let a little variety to name that enough of us come only from grills and meats ..

roll became great, but I put half the cheese, in contrast, added 3 tablespoons flour omelet. I minced mixture of chicken, pork and beef.

Today I did it again this awesome roll but it peknah in halogen. By looping it cut him off into 2 parts. I put them on the lower grill for 40 minutes at 200 degrees. Became divine.

Thanks for the recipe! Became great, tried and Russian salad and again it rolled into a roll. Also became very tasty.

roll became very delicious and is easy to prepare :)

Wonderful dinner! The recipe is super :)

This roll of appearance and taste of something great. Very often I do it because we one of the favorite dishes. Bravo for the wonderful recipe! :)

I did it three times roll. Definitely something different and spectacular appearance.

I made it today. Do not seem able to cope very well with winding but was great. Thanks for the wonderful recipe and now I Bookmark

added melted cheese and pickle. Peko roll wrapped in baking paper and top with foil, about 1 hour and a half. It was very very tasty!

Russia compliments on the photos! Are wonderful! :)

Thank you :)

roll is great and the look and taste. I Paiute 40m. of 200degrres and bake wonderful. Thanks for the recipe. Misse and upload photos, but there are enough and are all the same.

I loved the roll. It is beautiful and is particularly vkusno- crust mmm ... :) But maybe some furniture would be plenty of good fresh salad or fries. Thanks for retseptata- I will do it.

I forgot to explain. I used green onions and put a little sauce and Worcester Unisos in minced meat instead of salt. Very well spiced.

Many successful recipe. I put in and sausage roll.

Many successful recipe !!

Great recipe, I'm glad that she tried. :)

Great recipe - licking your fingers! Thank you shared it! :)