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Submitted by enr on 12 Jan 2010
400 g lard
1 cup powdered sugar
2 eggs
essence optional
5 cups flour
chocolate spread
ground walnuts
Cookies Assorted
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The lard mix with powdered sugar to graying. Add one egg at a time, while stirring, then gradually the essence and flour. You should get a soft dough. On oilfree tray extruded florets or Caterpillar. Bake. Once cool, roses can be stitched together with jam and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Caterpillar can dip in melted chocolate and crushed walnuts. The cookies can be made with granulated sugar. In such a case, the court in which broken the lard and sugar, put in another container with warm water. After the addition of eggs broken, and the mixture was left for 10-15 minutes apart, then stirred again for 2-3 minutes and added to the essence and flour.
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12 Jan 2010


MY mother makes.These are the most delicious homemade biscuits.

I've made with yogurt, baking powder, soda bicarbonate, ammonia soda, but these have proved, at least for me, the most successful.

I liked the recipe, but I want to ask you instead of fat can be used butter

can be made with oil. Are also good. I've done them with oil, but do not like them very much.

Ina, what is the amount of mass in the cups? Thank you.

One cup mass is about 240 g / cup with a capacity of 200 ml of water /.

became great.

today will give them a try-awesome

And how this mass should be - just melted or softened? And the dough to form .. if it is too thick I guess it would be difficult to be sprayed .. is not there some sort of mixture cake just that dense?

Ivayla, fat should be soft, not melted. If you are not sure about the hardness of dough / depends on the flour /, put the first 4 cups flour and gradually adding. Just try from time to time with the syringe. So the best way to orientate. Good luck!

Clear. I asked because I tried to do. Fat I have not melted, but I was wrong in the flour. Because I decided to do a small amount and accordingly put less fat and less flour .. what you get is in contact with the heat in the oven to leak and everything became a whole cake hihi .. nevertheless became great taste and was taste point that I sought. Will try next time to see how I get. Blagagodarya

Sweet need to bake in the preheated oven. If you are put in unheated or insufficiently heated oven, they *spilled* even before the roast. Moreover, before put to bake should be kept in a cool / if for example you have a second baking pan /.

This is to keep them cool, I did not do .. but I will try because I really liked

well I read the comments and I clarified some things but I have vaprosche of kolgo degrees should Preheat oven and for how long to bake today will do them if they become good will upload photo

kremena31. 05, bake in preheated 180 ° C oven. Quickly fired. Depends on your stove. Acquire slightly beige / but explained it! :) / On the bottom are usually slightly darker above remain bright. I wish you success!

My favorite sweet, I roast them in a hot oven for better retain its shape when the oven is weak around 180 degrees my little spill.

Vanya, are wonderful! Like snowflakes! In the spirit of the upcoming holidays! A degree oven and - obviously everyone must comply with the stove. :) But really sweet oil should be placed in a pre-heated oven well.

Thank you very much for the recipe Tilia really is superb, always show-stealing with these sweet.