Crispy pickles

Submitted by enr on 25 Aug 2009
1 tbsp coarse salt
2 tbsp alcohol or brandy
2 fig leaf
mustard seed
Crispy pickles
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At the bottom of the jar put one fig leaf. Cucumbers riddled with needle or a fork and fill the jar. Put another sheet on top, salt, brandy, mustard seed and replenish with water. Jar turns about a week, and is harvested in a cool place. Do not be sterilized. Appears white sediment at the bottom of the jar, but remain crunchy pickles. If you have a large amount of cucumbers, can put them in 3 or 5 liter bottles of water, and then cut the bottle. The defined quantities of container 1 l.
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25 Aug 2009


By *coarse salt* means *sea salt* or doing wrong? How mustard seed? For alcohol - does it matter degrees? Interesting recipe and as is *grandmother*, apparently a sample in time and would be appropriate.

Alcohol role played in the case ...? I put half a teaspoon of mustard seed in a compote jar.

It should be as a preservative instead of vinegar.

tilia, their rights sea salt and coarse salt are the same thing. The mustard seed is half CAF. spoon. Brandy or alcohol tighten cucumbers guess. So I get it recorded. I put homemade brandy around 50 degrees.

coarse salt and a stone sea, fine salt also. I've done with the four species of the end result does not matter. Few people distinguish different types of salt taste. And all preserved. The lack of a salt should not deter you from making a specific recipe.