Delicacy of minced meat

Submitted by enr on 18 Apr 2012
1 kg minced meat
6 skinless sausages
200 g smoked feta cheese
200 g processed cheese
2 eggs
200 g cheese
pepper, salt, ground cumin
1 tsp cooking savory
Delicacy of minced meat
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The skinless sausages cut into rings. Smoked and processed cheese cut in kupcheta about 1 cm. Whichever is first tray, put it: mince, chopped skinless sausages, processed cheese, smoked feta cheese, spices and eggs. All this is kneaded, for meatballs. Then, you've kneading, pressing a hand to distribute evenly in the pan. With moistened with water hand nice smooth the top. Better be steeped in the refrigerator at least 2 hours, wrapped with nylon foil or not to dry out. As you decide to bake in the oven in a separate dish you planing cheese. Bake in a preheated oven at 200C or the oven about 40 minutes. It is almost ready, remove the tray, sprinkle with grated cheese and returned again in the oven until browned and cheese spilled. Cut into rhomboids as you decide you and serve. * Be careful with the salt, most products are savory. I personally implicate delicacy night. The recipe is perfect for guests 9-10 people. Especially not turned round around the stove.
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18 Apr 2012


bravo congratulations, I've seen such a dish before, but now there is a recipe and try.

Mnoogo tasty offer! Kaymyan on baked crust, roll out Carophyll paste and then sprinkle with grated cheese-dopicham redness and it ...! Oppaaa, pookapah is! Bravo for the recipe!

Very tasty. In minced meat together with other products may be placed and pickles.

With the risk of repeating myself: WONDERFUL RECIPE!

Girls siagrus and perunika, I'm glad you liked the recipe! perunika, very nice pictures upload sometime and I will try to puree. Be alive, healthy and cook with desire!

Last night I prepared this delicacy and it was superb. Great recipe, well done :)

recipe is very nice, I made a little change on minced smoked meat and put it on fried mushrooms

Very tasty! Bravo for the recipe !!Pepi, really with mashed potatoes is awesome !! :)

Girls, thanks for the positive comments for the recipe! I am happy that you liked the!

recipe is great :) I loved!

Mitia, thanks for the comment! I am glad that you were satisfied and you have eaten tasty!

For dinner I chose this recipe again. For variety, however, I shaped as balls, Fried egg and received great colorful balls! Another variation of the proposed Lirinka! I allowed myself to get and pictures!

Bobby tonight for dinner with delicacies in your recipe, my daughter already ate and said: Oh very tasty :)

Villas, thank you for the trust to the recipe! :) The picture is great! ;)

Magic, delighted with the result and slightly gorged. :) It is very easy, does not require great skill and much strengthened. Thanks for the recipe shared.

jacksparrow_bg, and I thank you! :) Glad you was delicious! :)

Bobby became a big yummy! Bravo for the recipe! :) I missed sausages (my son recently not eat them) in their place put mushrooms.

Reni, thanks! :) The important thing is to be tasty and liked. I prepare from 25-26 years, and every time overeat! Thanks for the idea with mushrooms, someday will take ...;)

fat added you to the bottom of the baking pan and sorry for maybe stupid question, but water is not something you added so you bake?

Mariyanche, the baking pan is not sucking up water do not put! :) Minced meat, cheese - contain enough fat! Look at photos 1 and 2 to the recipe, 1 photo shows all products in the baking pan. Knead everything nice as Messiah meat for the meatballs. Pressuring hand, nice to be distributed in the baking pan, see on 2 photo. :)

Excuse me, that I wrote your name wrong letter Ya, instead of A! :)

Many thanks for the clarification :) but that confuse the letters of my name, can draw a piece of this delicacy: D

Thanks for the recipe!

Galka_23, and I thank you for your trust! :)

I allowed myself to add tomato sauce with mushrooms Deroni became very well!