Homemade biscuit layered cake

Submitted by enr on 08 Feb 2013
4 eggs
250 g of powdered sugar
80 g butter
750 g feta cheese mascarpone
chocolate spread
about 460-500 g biscuits Papadopoulou * *
coffee diluted with fresh Mlaka immersion Biscuits
Four egg yolks with powdered sugar and soft butter (dab and melted) was stirred with a mixer, was gradually added at least mascarpone and stirred to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Separately, mix the four egg whites with a pinch of salt on snow. Beat egg whites are added to the mixture of mascarpone and gentle stirring. In the pan put the cream, sharim with chocolate spread and redim of biscuits dipped in coffee diluted with milk. Thus lining up three layers of biscuit. Top spreadable cream, dusted with crushed biscuits and garnish with chocolate spread. To work more easily with the chocolate spread and is really liquid dunk it in a bowl of hot water for a while. The cake should be steeped at least five hours in the refrigerator.
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08 Feb 2013