Homemade cheese

Submitted by enr on 01 Oct 2010
10 liters of fresh milk
1 tbsp rennet
Homemade cheese
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Milk is heated on a hot plate to body temperature. Add and mix the yeast. Leave it there for about an hour and a half to cross. After the cross, pour in a bag of cheesecloth. Bag clamp and pressed with a weight. Once drained, cut into pieces and put in brine.
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01 Oct 2010


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And I know from my mother as it describes Mariana. Maybe there are just different methods.

And how cheese out of 10 liters of cow's milk?

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Thank you for the comprehensive response!

Thank you for your answer! Even wound to try to make cheese that I'm sick of hanging in front of the windows of cheese and wonder what to take.

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in previous comments to describe exactly how I prepare the cheese.