Kozunak * refrigerator *

Submitted by enr on 02 Apr 2009
4 eggs
3 cups sugar
1 cup sunflower oil
1 cup yogurt
1 cup milk
1 yeast
1/2 tsp baking soda
rind of one lemon
flour as otherwise take, approximately 1.2 kg
# For the filling:
2 tbsp cocoa, 4-5 tbsp sugar, chopped nuts, dried fruit of your choice
Kozunak * refrigerator *
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Knead the dough from the products. Once you are ready greased medium bag and place the dough in it. Closing the envelope so that the inside has enough air. Space is needed because the dough will increase in volume 2 times - will rise. Then put the bag with the dough in the refrigerator, but not in the chamber. Leaving it overnight in the cold. The next day, with greased hands knead it. Leave it to rise. Move a little again with greased hands, shape the dough into the desired form (optional inserting and filling) and bake. Since the products are two medium the kozunak. This is a recipe for kozunak, smart women and good hosts. Knead the dough and bake on Saturday morning Sunday of Easter.
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02 Apr 2009
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Very nice cake becomes Annie, I personally have done it and I am happy :) Bravo. Can be brushed with egg yolk on top and sprinkle a little poppy.

Annie, thanks for the idea - is super! I do workout on Saturday and report.

Reni mandatory to report :)

can sprinkle sugar on top and

Reni, again bravo for pictures :)

cake is half dose.Much easier than traditional cake recipe.I recommend it especially to those who are like me of *YOU* with kneading.
Annie thank you for the great idea!

Sugar must be increased.

question of taste everything :)

gold, what happened to the cake?

Rennie, now turned me those days and I will do training for Easter :) if the deal will let the pictures and

Time for cakes :)

I have not done this, but I liked it and will try it!

Annie, it's contagious ... as a start and will not stop ...

my other eye in pictures .. looks very tasty.

In the favorite is. Thanks for the easy recipe! Will try as early as this Saturday.

ani, yeast what should it be? Sees me easily! Oh, and filling products ... where are placed and when?

and another question: baking baking pan covered you fat and what is coils degrees and bake for approximately how long?

Roxie, I use only dry yeast - by Frenk, which is about 1 kg. flour. Do you ferment with yeast, warm etc. Milk, h / l / sugar and flour to make dough like cakes. Rise as it add to the basic ingredients for the dough. Eggs must be at room T. The filling is placed in shaping the cake. Bake no more than 180 degrees. I use silicone form and baking pan and coat them.

cake was very tasty, but sugar must be 2 1 / 2h. including at least :) is amazing!

Indeed, the amount of sugar is almost correct ...

Congratulations, Annie! Kozunak great already tried the recipe, this helped me and the machine for making bread. I wish you all Happy Easter! However, do not overdo it with experience.

I'm glad you liked the cake :) and I prepared already!

Can you use dry yeast, and how many grams?

Yes, you can! I use one, but is French and is 11 g and if at Oetker, eg 1 1/2 packet that they are 7 g I

makes cake longer than 4-5 years. With another recipe for bakery dough, but it does not matter. The next morning, leave the dough for some time at room temperature. Do not knead again and straight Frame cakes. They already leave to rise. I read the recipe in the newspaper and I am very pleased. Really saves a lot of time.

While bake one cake dough for other prevtasa not you? Where should I behave?

cake now rises. I hope to get better. Regardless of national follow will write. I hope I handle it.

I want to ask 3cup sugar not know much about this dose? At the moment I do another recipe where sugar is much less, but I think to try this ... I have read that sometimes the many sugar can not rise ?!

Sugar think is good, very sweet. I love this cake, sweet. The recipe I liked. There will be pictures.

what is yeast-fresh or dry?

I have made with fresh yeast.

tasty and convenient recipe cakes are good.

Hello. The cake is delicious and Somoni he is ready. Only that I would like to tell me how much yeast to use by fresh, because with 45 g of fresh yeast rises well not me. And this year it made because it is my favorite cake.

Natal, hello! This year I decided to interfere cake and I picked this recipe. I read your comments and I think that one cube of yeast, by standard 42 g., Is enough. Last night kneaded the dough for buns, similar to the dough with 2 again. dry yeast Dr. Oetker dissolved in warm water and get a very nice dough. I'll write how he got my cake.

How many degrees and roughly how long bake?

depends on the oven, my strong. Cake I have not baked, but regularly bake muffins and cakes 150, 160 g. Between 25 and 30 min. On paper and check to dry stick.

Thanks for the reply. However, it is a landmark. And I'm not baked cake so I asked.