Layered cake with cream and ready baseovi starch

Submitted by enr on 27 Feb 2011
3 ready the base (two light and one dark)
1 liter milk
60 g starch of your choice
150 g sugar
1 cup ground walnuts
Layered cake with cream and ready baseovi starch
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Prepare the cream under the direction of the package, add vanilla for flavor. In a large shallow dish bottom spread two large spoons of cream, put it a bright base, smeared with cream, put it and the dark base. Then he smeared with cream and placed on top of the other light base. Spread the entire cake with cream on all sides, sprinkle with plenty of minced meat walnuts, such as spanking is removed by hand.
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27 Feb 2011


Very nice cake! In the cream but I can put oil as you put the biscuit and cake. Thank you!

In our region tell her *rural cake.* The latter must you were done which as you know. Fast, controversial, light cake. Walnuts very suited her. Maggie, thank you for the hint and once you easy yummy!

Ina, you're right - this is the cake, my mother and even shredded natives top. Thank you :)

Two days ago I did something similar, but the latter must not to drink the juice of compote, and between them ordered fruit ... Home juicy love sweets :)

perfect recipe! Easy, delicious and beautiful! Style-Maggie!

Milencha, thought of syrup, cream but thought it would be enough to not become dry. Desi, thank you :)

Many times I've done this, it is very tasty and quick.

if the latter must syrup with compote and then with nishtesteto will make you taste?

Not syrupy latter must de enough to be watered from starch.

Kate, not syrupy latter must, because the very cream makes them juicy.

I rarely do cakes in us, let alone cakes but today is my birthday and I decided to do :)

I had walnuts and grated chocolate and ordered strawberries compote became great - put a picture :)

Kate, I'm glad that you liked the cake, and very well received the decoration of chocolate and strawberries :)

It was a cake for March 8 this year, otherwise decorated, but is essentially the same.

Wow, Ina-what is this beauty ?! Wonderful performance again!

Desi, I'm glad that you liked the decoration. Cake is easy, delicious and now it came to my mind.

Ina, great cake you do, your photos are wonderful and very appetizing!

Maggie, I'm glad you liked the decoration and taste you know :) Well that share it on the site, do not forget the old, but simple dishes.

Fast, easy and very tasty cake!

I love this classic cakes!

Quick and easy, great.