Pita feast

Submitted by enr on 30 Dec 2008
a little more than 1 kg of flour
500 ml milk
3 eggs
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp sunflower oil
125 g butter or margarine
1 cube of yeast (42 g)
Pita feast
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Yeast is crushed, mix with sugar, 1-2 tbsp flour and a little lukewarm milk and leave to rise. Sift the flour three times (the last time together with the salt). In the middle are doing well, which gently pour beaten eggs (1 egg yolk separated greasing the pita), the oil and yeast leavening. Gradually pour of slightly warmed milk. Involved medium hard dough. Separate dough the size of an orange. Roll out two small rectangles. Spread with butter, put one on another and rolled. The resulting stump is pressed lightly on one side and put this country in the middle of a greased pan. remaining dough is divided into 4 equal parts. Two pieces are rolled to the same round wafers. Spread with butter and put on one another. Sectioned 8 triangles wound to the rolls of the pointed tip to the base and stand in equal distance in the tray. The other two pieces are rolled to the same rectangle. Spread with butter, put one on another and the length of the resulting new rectangle is rolled. Cut to 8 equal parts. Arrange the rolls between the face as stumps. After the pita rise, smeared with separated yolk, beaten with a few drops of sunflower oil and 1 tsp milk. Bake in moderate oven - 180 C. finished, still hot pita is sprayed with water and with a towel to stay soft.
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30 Dec 2008


Bravo Tilia. Ham beautiful, yet safe and tasty. Exude in her favorite and will do after the New Year.

Beautiful cake. Looks like a folk motif. Wonderfully received.

is already in your favorites, is great. You always have such good ideas ... Well done.

Beauty! I copied her, but I do not me in kneading and shaping of ...

Girls, I'm glad you like it! There is nothing complicated. Moreover, not necessarily the dough is done exactly this recipe. I guess every housewife has a successful recipe for bread. Layout is now a matter of imagination. Good luck to all!

I made it, much the same decoration, but of a different type of dough. Will add a photo.

Congratulations, Tsvetomila! There's been great!

Thanks, I have good teachers :)

Oh, great fight, but I think I did. For the first time I've asked this, I will send a picture!

It is a beautiful cake!

to ask is great, I might do in the same way with one exception. And put a spoon of vinegar, so the dough becomes soft and fluffy. Otherwise great bravo!

Another beautiful cake. Bravo, tari!

A great recipe!

Congratulations, Desi! Another delicatessen, created by you!

desislava_pm, cake you gorgeous - straight prompts me to break off a piece.

oh what splendor - the unique

Today is Andrew, my mate has a name day bread for his health!

Villas, is wonderful! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your spouse is alive and well! Apparently worth this beautiful cake :)

Thank you Ina, bread was very nice, Andrew and our guests loved it!

Villas, gorgeous looks cake :)

Thanks Rennie, this is because it is made with love :)

What tenderness only give these little flowers! Wonderful, Willie!

Mimsi, very glad that you like it :)

viliya, cake you gorgeous - very beautiful. Would you tell me how do blooms remain so Belichki after baking. I often make cakes (I have posted a few here), but my always darker. Knead dough separately from water and flour and set pieces after I covered with egg - however not remain white.

Just so I made them with a dough of flour and water and put them after staining with yaitse. There is nothing different, you can darken the stove if stronger.

I do not think that is strong. Always test the heat of 170 grams. middle grille with fan. Thanks for the reply, at least I know I'm on the right track. Keep trying, there will discover the reason :)

gold, I think I found tankosta for figures must be a floured to remain Belichki :)

Thank you viliya it and I think next time I will try

Very tasty bread and looking great!

Ina, great bread, again made it to the festival, but for the last photo I could not hurt :)

Villas, I do not wonder that you are not likely to be harmful to the last picture! :) Great suggestion! Very well invented such beautiful flowers! Congratulations for the idea! :)

Bread for my beloved husband Nicky made with love for his name day! To me is alive and well!

Ina, thank you! Rennie, you is alive and well Imennik!

Raina, very glad that his name day honors her husband with this cake! :) Do you healthy and very happy!