Layered cake ready bases and two types of Ghana

Submitted by enr on 16 May 2011
4 round bases
1 l cream
200 g white chocolate
200 g of dark chocolate
2 vanilla
2 tbsp dark cocoa
4 sachets fixative cream
Layered cake ready bases and two types of Ghana
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Chocolate is crushed and put into the color in two bowls. The cream is boiled and is divided into two. With each part pour different chocolates. Stir to melt, the dark mixture was added to cocoa, allowed to cool and are placed for a few hours in a refrigerator. Each of the mixtures was stirred with a little mixer, put her two bags of fixative cream and kills many thick, stiff cream. In daylight before the agitation was put and vanilla. The bases are bonded by alternating two cream. Complete with cream. The decoration is optional - chocolate sprinkles, flower sticks, etc. If you finish with light cream - go dark decoration if complete dark - light respectively. It is better to stand for one day before consumption. * Note: ganashat not suitable for pad under fondant! If you will cover with fondant, cover the cake with Ghana and with appropriate cream. * Ganashat may be supplemented optional - after killing him add chocolate drops, crushed nuts or other additives optional. Supplements should not be wet and only stirred ganasha without beating with mixer.
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16 May 2011


Thank Valentina (mis_val) for photographs and assistance provided! Jack, this is the result :) Given the short time I had available and missing materials obtained cake with many shortcomings, but little was very happy :) !!!!

But I see the pictures wonderful cake did not see flaws. For them knows only the cook. And if there's one very happy boy, what there was little flaws. Well, look, stare, but do not really see them. Rally your cake is great, congratulations to you, your great master. Much joy and happiness for the little guy and all that much you love him.

Thanks for donations for the good words for cake and good wishes for my nephew :))))

And I like Darina see only a wonderful cake. Rally, the decoration is very original and suitable for kids. Bravo! The idea of ​​ganasha same very successful May this will be my cream cakes all from now on.

Rally, where do you see shortcomings - unique craftsmanship - that's what I see! Rating'm not set because there is no such high - 10 on a scale :))))))))))

Rally is great!And as darina_kedikova wrote the most important thing is that you did your son happy.I'm sure he liked her very much and has not found any flaws.Put in favorites.

Thank you all for the nice reviews. The cake itself is very easy to make and is very fast, is certainly more severe because ganashat is calorie bomb .....;)))) Jack, this is not my son ... this is the son of my brother but it does not really big difference :) Yes, I liked and did not wait to cut the and try it with finger and began to delve;)))

Perfect workmanship!Bravo !!!!!!!!!!

Rally, give the answer to this task with increasing difficulty - see all here and look for shortcomings and never find them :). A unique cake that you did! Congratulations to the master confectioner and sweet birthday!

Raleigh, every time you leave me breathless ... This magnificent cake *Sea World* again amazed me ... is wonderful !!! Please put the image where little boy trying it with finger ... ha ha.

Here, Nelly! Girls, thank you for the nice words about the decoration :)

Again our bewitched!

It is very nice and colorful, well done! Examine it a hundred times :)

The only drawback I find is that there is no way to cut a piece of this beauty. One liter of cream now I, but I have a pound of waste. Go to the store for cake and then immediately begin tomorrow and will report how it happened. Numbers ptastcheto much I like ... ha ha ha ...

Lily, to understand that you think can use sour cream?

Yes, sour. Would not it be?

I can melt the chocolate in a water bath and it added to the cream. Maybe I put 2 packets retainer and will not leave it in the fridge to clamp ... Do you think that will happen?

I often do cream with sour cream and chocolate and I love it. Retainer not put. Chocolate cream tightens.

Lily, I'm sorry, that was later included. Will become creamy, but not Ghana. The difference between liquid and sour cream is like between milk and yogurt :) Try as he decided not put retainer, he has nothing to be learned (so I think). And not necessarily to report the outcome :)

Aliana, you always plug just in time. Thank you for your advice and support. I'll do it with sour cream because now I have a lot of it will surely do it with cream, because the recipes that have been uploaded you are always guaranteed taste ...

Rally, excuse me for ignorance, but I did not understand this cake with fondant you.

Aosta, in the case cover and the whole decoration of fondant. I had in mind when writing about the shortcomings of the cake - even though I knew that it was not, I put the cover on ganasha since I had no time to do a special cream pad. So the cake is izhalmena and Kant is amazing! Not that I do not know how to do just this time I could not do it properly. Well, with a little goodwill one might say that the sand of the sea floor is not flat and that the cake is super authentic;)

But I've never done such a beautiful cake - BRAVO!

Rally, I assure you that the superlatives we write on your cake does not by favor. I also like Lovely I have not done such a beautiful cake. Even worse, I do not even embellish them. But the beauty you do stimulates us.

Lovely, Jack, thank you for the nice words and compliments :) Everyone dragged different things, so it is normal to have different skills!

Takaaa came order to say what I have done. First I want to apologize to Aliana, that changed my products, I started doing it, it turned out that the white chocolate has done so replace it with liquid white chocolate and I think I approached the white Ghana. First it moist crust lightly with 3 tablespoons raspberry jam melted in a water bath with 3-4 tablespoons of milk, put the white cream, the second crust and brown cream finished with the third cake and left it in the fridge where we stay about 2, 5 hours. Then spreads again cooled cake with white cream that inexplicably became beige. Return it to the refrigerator and after about 3-4 hours cut it. Each piece adorned with fruit according to taste and preferences. As a result, it became very pleasant and light cake. I already was less than half of cake :) Aliana, many thanks for the recipe and once again my apologies for the changes. Tomorrow I will try to upload photos and tonight because something is not working ...

Lily first most important thing is that you liked the cake and you have a really good meal. Bravo! I wonder what reason may be tarnished white cream, but currently nothing comes to my mind. I personally never had liquid white chocolate, so I can not express my opinion, that is not it. Waiting for your photos!

And I think that may be of liquid chocolate, but not surprised. I and eggs to boil again will Zagora ... so themes to reflect on my actions in the kitchen never missing ... And today trying to upload photos, but today very slowly picked up ... I do not know why, but I have perfect internet ... keep trying ..

Look how big your photos - possibly shrink their size. Picked up a lot faster when they are huge :)

Auu, Lily, very appetizing photos! Very fresh fruits! I like eating ... honestly.

Many thanks. It was delicious. I'd love they drew from it ...

I chose you this recipe for a quick cake and not wrong. Was very tasty and at the same time is easy to implement. I did not have time and the decoration my lame (it was a completely different concept), but the kids were happy (what more could you want :). As I had slowed retainer amount of cream and things again received.

Elti qij, great is your decoration!

Very nice decoration, ELTI! I do not know what was meant to be, what you know, but I find the type of cake wonderful, very loving! I am glad that you liked the taste! :)

Neli1100, Aliana, thank you! The original idea shared it in the forum and real implementation is very different. But in the end I was pleased by the fact that supplied the joy of vision and taste.

Aha ... I found the forum description of the natural picture;) your idea was very interesting! How you remember exactly grizzly salmon? The idea is great! Indeed, the features of the bear are quite mild;) but the decoration did not lose it!

A little late reply, but I hope you'll excuse me :) idea tossed it to me children, and where they came to them a long story;) They wanted a grizzly bear, and I had to figure out the decorate. But due to lack of time bear had (which mine grizzly - you are people with imagination :), but decorate (or rather skimpy one).

My son many laughed as I told him what it was under the blanket :) More frightening grizlintse just no :) began to purr like a kitten and says that so did fret ... Very sweet teddy bear, there is no dispute!

Rally, here's the cake. First attempt to cover the cake with fondant - failed. We have not tried it, but I feel it would be delicious :).

John, what happened?

Rally, the Fund did not get very soft camp and had no more powdered sugar and add in their attempts to Roll stuck. Well, I had some coconut and they saved the day :). And the taste is wonderful. It was a little suhichka but matured became more juicy.

weird ... in any recipe made fund?

Fondant candy *marshmallow*. For figures is good, but to cover must be harder.

Sladki64e, both cakes are very beautiful. BRAVO!

And to me I loved the cakes you! Fund coverage - must have obviously another recipe. Not bad, you learn from failures;)

Elti, Raleigh, thank you!

Sladki64e, great decoration. Very beautiful photos are on the cake. Apparently the recipe worth. Logged favorites.

sladki64e, great decoration! Monkey I like the most!

divine inspiration is

I am happy with the success of the recipe :) Enjoy your meal!