Macaroni a la Ceco

Submitted by enr on 16 Nov 2009
500 g of pasta
50 g feta cheese
1 tbsp paprika
200 g chicken breasts
5-6 pickles
100 ml sunflower oil
100 g chutney
1 onion
Macaroni a la Ceco
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Boil the pasta (the cooking time is according to the manufacturer) and be confused with the feta cheese. Red pepper fry in 50 ml the oil and pour over pasta. Mix thoroughly and set aside. In a separate pot fry the onions until soft first, then the pickles, diced, chicken breasts, and finally chutney. The whole sauce fry about 10-15 minutes and is added as a topping for pasta already finished.
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16 Nov 2009


Why first boil pasta? It is cooled while waiting for the sauce ... In reverse order would become better, so the pasta retains its taste qualities.

Put in Favorites, much like pasta at home. May replace the cheese with cheese :)

Many were delicious, I kept right products and sequence of preparation! Finally them sprinkled with parmesan! Thanks for the nice recipe :)

Maggie, how long fried chutney, I made them and now I Zagora chutney, 10-15 minutes frying is much, I think. Sorry where I poured makaronkite zparzheniya with paprika and cheese now will not even eat them.

As I put mestse and pickles, fried about 10-15 minutes, and then put chutney - about 5 / as to Bucknell, because it is a finished product /. But stirring constantly to avoid sticking and slowed the fire. My daughter ate three servings last night :)