Mont Cream Sherry

Submitted by enr on 21 Jan 2012
500 ml milk
300 ml cherry juice (maybe from compote)
2 cup pitted cherries (maybe from compote)
2 packages of chocolate pudding powder (for a total of 1 liter of liquid)
120 ml cherry liqueur or other alcohol optional
200 g chocolate
1 tbsp dark cocoa
100 g of powdered sugar (or more, to taste)
2 vanilla
Mont Cream Sherry
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In 250 ml milk mixed pudding powder, powdered sugar, vanilla and cocoa. Chocolate is broken into pieces. The remaining 250 ml milk mixed with cherry juice and boil in a saucepan. The milk curdles in the warming, but that does not matter. A thin stream pour the chocolate mixture, stirring constantly with a wire. Cream boil and boil 1 minute. Remove from heat and add his broken chocolate, stirring until complete absorption. The cream was allowed to cool slightly, about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally to not catch the rind. Insert the alcohol and stir until uniform and finally put the cherries. Spill in cups and leave to cool completely. * The cream can be used for filling of cake, but note that after the withdrawal of the ring cooled down cream is perfectly smooth and if the cake is plastered with cream, it is quite expensive, because the side where stripes are cream does not stick well. I made this cake and it took me quite some time to plaster. Otherwise stuffing spilled cream first and then overlay cherries and pressed them to be uniformly distributed. * Depending on the chocolate and the sugar is changing the nature of the cream - from gentle to strong chocolate, almost bitter. Alcohol and juice also play a big role. * Not suitable for children.
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21 Jan 2012


I do not understand why intersects milk in warming? Because of cherry juice you?

Yes, the juice :) But did not have time to make cottage cheese because of starch pudding collect it.

Rally, very beautiful cake you create! Cover fondant you? How did you achieve this deep-red color?

Thank you, sweetie :) coverage of marzipan at the request of stakeholders. Colored with normal food paints Schwartau. But fonadan did the same color, it is colored with red red (possibly under the name rojo rojo) of wilton little black of the same company. 500 g fondant goes about 1 rounded teaspoon of paint (which is a lot). Of black and put a handle of a teaspoon, dipped in paint and wipe the fund. Gloss on the Fund is achieved with Glaze Spray of PME arts & crafts. And in marzipan is less black.

Rally, thanks for the quick response. Once tried to color a large amount of fondant with red paint, added a large amount, but did not get the desired color rather become something of a dark pink. When a small amount of fondant is obtained. Add black paint did not think. Thank you once again. And again to express my admiration - very cool cake! And these smallest beads how you made them!

Beauty, you feel sorry to eat, Raleigh everything you do is unique, I can only dream!

From me super score!

All pearls are purchased ready: the biggest one store bulk confectionery - rubber bears, snakes, bracelets sugar pearls, and those of silver. Average are ordering from specialized onlaynshop for konditorski needs. Most patter are accidental discovery - in LIDL has boxes of gold and silver sugar pearls for sprinkling on cakes, creams, etc. On Belbake, own brand of Lidl. Of this mixture are small balls here, but also gold, which have been the Bible and candle on the cake for the christening.

flower, thank you, dear :) Taking into account how tortured me this cake (no decoration, and what is under it), the result is quite satisfactory. I was left to open the topic in confectionery, to such an extent I was desperate ... Glad you like it. Incidentally is also very tasty;) First I made it round and then cut out as the heart. Why could it kusam, unlike other cake :)

UNIQUE! Otherwise I can not say .. Golden Hands!

All things are very beautiful but for bible my husband was amazed, said here that nurses are amazing women!

Thank you, Desi, for the nice words :) flower, to tell your husband that if God gave to fell in Libya will make a cake with all the details, but in return I must bake melomakarona :)

No problem just come!

Bravo, Rally!

But it will be amazing yummy. And the design of the cake I like!

Aliana, the cake is great! A recipe for the cream is quite interesting.

Elti, Nelly, thanks! :) Cream is the result of several experiments. The order was cake flavored Mon Cherie, but if I enjoyed the candy would be enormously more expensive. I think I got good taste, without much alcohol. Now I decided to leave it to cool cherries, covered with foil, and then he added whipped cream and snow cherries. I hope to become air, but I fear losing the chocolate taste. Will report by nakanya :)

will be great and yummy cream