Curly banitsa

Submitted by enr on 15 Nov 2008
300 g ready peel
150 g feta cheese
3 eggs
250 ml lemonade
100 ml sunflower oil
3-4 tbsp sugar
Curly banitsa
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In a buttered pan put 2 sheets, slightly wrinkled - become curly. Top is crushed little feta cheese and sprinkle with 2 tbsp sunflower oil, then again put wafers in the same way and so alternate taking ends with sheet. Cut into large squares and pour the beaten eggs mixed and lemonade. Sprinkle with a little sunflower oil and bake in preheated oven at 180 C to redness. Once removed from the oven, spray a little water and sprinkle with sugar. Cover with a towel and after about 15 minutes it is ready for consumption.
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15 Nov 2008


Maggie and I do them in the same way and is great. Girls try.

Thank Kami, thus prepare all kinds of pies, only the filling is different :)

Maggie, I made the pie. Was very tasty :) mingled eggs with cheese, but do not I poured lemonade. I upload photos :)

Very nice pie and I make it.

Fanny, thank you for the pictures! I am glad that you liked!

Well done, I love pies, goes to Favorites

Aka do not have lemonade and hot water becomes.

Required will try :)

It was great banichka. I put orange instead of lemonade, and you try-on is sweet!

The easy and tasty pastry. Favorite for Sunday mornings.

I am fascinated by the pie. It is very easy, tasty and quick!

Thank you very much for the nice words, I'm glad you like it :)

Banchkata is extra, I though I was flooded with not sparkling and fresh milk and 1 egg.

Very tasty pie, I had lemonade and then prepared with soft apple and the result was excellent!

Katya, I make it with Fanta orange / had such sparkling /. Pie smelled gently orange :)

For the first time I've pie and get a lot better. Thanks for the cool recipe!

gerinka, I'm glad that you liked the recipe!

recipe is great! Still I could not *bring* pie, but this is neither greasy nor dry, is fast and the taste is wonderful! :)

Thank Milencha, sugar is optional :)

by covering with curdled milk and eggs, and if more baking pan to be thinner, to give a sort of Dobroudjan.nation kavarma. In Dobrogea deliberately crossing milk with soda I bought her do with old milk. Pie is delicious.


very easy and very tasty pie get!

The most delicious and juicy pie, which I cooked until now. Congratulations to the chef! He tasted it mandatory.

We are pleased to be joining the positive comments! Magi71, once again trusted your recipe and I am very, very happy! I will try tonight to add a photo!

Many thanks for the wonderful views :)

became great :)

Very good!

Classics! I mix the cheese with the eggs and put between the sheet. Then flood with lemonade or soda apple.

This is the pie! Became great - fluffy and juicy. Missed sugar and swapped lemonade with sparkling water. In a nice pie we tried. Bravo for the recipe! Cheerfully welcome the holidays!

I forgot to put my evaluation - excellent!

For years I make this pie, with 500 grams. peel 5 eggs 500 g. cheese, 200 grams. lemonade with soda water is better. The difference is that you do not put oil between the sheet and the only cheese, oil smash it with eggs and lemonade. Unique taste:) I think ,, ,, magic is ordinal sheet or rather ,, ,, Grachki never becomes dletava.

thus making pies with any stuffing, are great! Thank you :)