New Year salt layered cake

Submitted by enr on 29 Dec 2010
500 g potatoes
4-5 slices of black bread
60 g cream cheese
60 g butter
200 g mayonnaise
100 g melted smoked feta cheese
100 g cheese
lukanka or another sausage decoration
New Year salt layered cake
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Boil the potatoes (I brew potatoes peeled and diced - are cooked faster), mash them with the butter, the cream cheese and a bit of mayonnaise. Shaped cake tightly arrange slices of black bread (as in black bread, the better), top coat them with mayonnaise (maybe something else spreads such as cream cheese). Spread mixture over potato slices, redistribute it evenly and lightly pressed is well glued with slices. Top spreads a thin layer of mayonnaise, decorate with processed cheese and shredded cheese. With olives and the lukanka decorate to your taste.
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29 Dec 2010


Can you make it with white bread at home because they do not like black?

I did it with black bread to resemble a real cake with chocolate base and to have a contrast between potatoes and bread.You can do it with white bread, but in some way to distinguish it from the potatoes if you want.For example anoint toast with melted cheese spreads. I think chutney will suit potatoes.

riginalna recipe! will try