Potato soup grandmother Mary

Submitted by enr on 11 Sep 2008
500 g potatoes
salt or 2 cubes of mushroom or chicken broth
1 tbsp butter (margarine)
1 tbsp toasted flour
# Croutons:
3-4 slices stale bread
2-3 tbsp sunflower oil
soup thickener with 1 egg and 1/2 cup milk
100 g of crumbled feta cheese
200 g chopped sausage
Potato soup grandmother Mary
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Peel the potatoes are boiled in 1-1.2 liters of water. Crushed with device puree (or press potatoes). Add salt or crushed cubes mushroom or chicken broth. Can be thickened with toasted flour mixed into a little cold water. Withdraw from heat and add the butter. The bread is cut into cubes, sprinkle with the oil, mix is ​​nice and fry in a Teflon pan or bake in the oven. Put it in serving. This is the basis of the soup. Optional can make soup thickener, to sprinkle with pepper or savory, add feta cheese or sausage.
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11 Sep 2008


My favorite soup from childhood, bravo!

I sprinkle with garlic bread flour

Good suggestion. Anyone can add whatever is tasty. This is not the goal - to have diversity.

I love her this soup. I serve it with garlic croutons.

I am very glad that you like, and the photos are great! This soup is a favorite in our family / especially grandchildren -shtom no onions, peppers and tomatoes! / Left an inheritance from my mother. Make it into each of the varieties, depending on the available products.

Today, serve it with onion salted pretzels (the store).

And I like a lot this recipe, well done :)

Elti, again have invented something interesting to diversify soup!

Instead of butter and flour added only liquid cream. When serving with croutons and sprinkled with sausage.

made from my daughter - instead of mushroom soup is put mushroom cream soup. Love her this supichka :)

Bravo young cook! Deal is great. Mushrooms and potatoes are good taste combination.

I did supichkata, very good.

Iva, I'm glad that this simple supichka you liked the!

Super easy and delicious supichka, made her about lunch! And croutons made with paprika and colorful salt and add some chopped sausages!

Sonia, I am very glad that you decided to try the recipe, and even more glad that you liked it!

Elti, though its diversified soup! What have you added the her this time?

tillia, are store-bought croutons, in the form of pellets.

Prepared with thickener from milk and egg.

The soup is superb, like on my entire family!

n0kpekJlo, very glad that this soup you liked. The most common, but there are opportunities for diversifying. :)